Pakistan Gets Its First Free Web Hosting Site

Pakistan First Free Web Hosting Site A 17-year old girl by the name of Hassan Bin Fahim has launched the first free web hosting site in Pakistan. The hosting site, BASE.PK, is unlike any other hosting company in Pakistan. Why? Because this one is completely free. Fahim’s site will provide users with 10GB of storage… Read More

Which U.S. Government Websites Are Still Functional?

U.S. Government Websites For the first time in 17 years, the USĀ  government has been shut down. The closing of the government happened after congress could not agree on a new budget. There are, of course, other sides to that story, but that’s what’s happening in a nutshell. With the government shutdown comes a number… Read More

Russia’s Pirate Party Offers NASA Free Hosting

NASA Free Hosting The current U.S. government shutdown is impacting government websites more than was originally assumed. One of the sites that has been shuttered is the NASA site. This is a shame, since it’s NASA’s 55th birthday this week. But, have no fear, NASA, Russia is here! Well, the Russian Pirate Party, at least.… Read More

WHMCS Has Hacker Issues: Details Inside

WHMCS Hacker Issues WHMCS is a popular billing system that’s used by plenty of companies around the world. Today, the billing company has issued a warning to users that web hosting companies might be at risk when using the WHMCS site. As it turns out, there’s a hole in the new WHMCS update, and that… Read More

Bitcoins: Falling, Falling, Falling

Bitcoins: Silk Road existed as a way for those interested in purchasing just about any type of illegal drug without fear of being caught, its website tucked away safely (or so Ross William Ulbricht, better known as “Dread Pirate Roberts,” owner of Silk Road, thought) within the Tor network. Bitcoins Are Just As Anonymous Bitcoins… Read More

What’s Happening With the Obamacare Site? Updates.

Obamacare Site: Updates We recently reported on the mess that people attempting to access the Obamacare website experienced when the site was first launched. Now that the site is back up and running again, things are still not where they should be. What’s happening and how long will it take for the hosting company behind… Read More

Behind The Capture Of The Dread Pirate Roberts

Dread Pirate Roberts More details are being released regarding the capture of Ross Ulbricht, a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Roberts. Silk Road was shut down on Tuesday after authorities were able to capture Ulbricht, after a years-long search for the website’s mastermind. But how did they do it? After all of this time, and with the… Read More

Obamacare: A Hosting Lesson

Obamacare : Hosting Lesson The United States might be divided on the issue of Obamacare, but it’s here. On the day the program launched, Americans headed to the online marketplace to research plans they qualified for, or sign up for a plan. However, the volume of users logging in at once led to outages galore.… Read More

Is Bitcoin Doomed?

Bitcoin Doomed: Will the FBI shut down Bitcoin in addition to closing the doors of The Silk Road? That’s what every Bitcoin user, investor, and inquirer wants to know today. What will happen to those tiny coins that the Internet loves so much? Well, it all depends on how you look at it. If we… Read More

Breaking News: The Silk Road Has Been Shut Down

Silk Road Has Been Shut Down Are you ready for some of the biggest news to hit the hosting sphere in decades? The F.B.I has officially captured Dread Pirate Roberts. Sound familiar? Robers was the mane behind the legendary drug trading route ‘The Silk Road’ – something that we’ve covered on this site many times.… Read More

BitTorrent’s NSA-Proof Messaging System

BitTorrent’s NSA-Proof Messaging System Where there is demand, there is opportunity. The privacy issue brought to light by NSA activities has created a demand for more products and apps that are secure and impenetrable to prying eyes. Yesterday, I brought you a post about John McAfee’s latest invention (here). Today, the peer-to-peer sharing service, BitTorrent,… Read More

National Internet Shutdown In Sudan. Is Government To Blame?

National Internet Shutdown In Sudan Internet Shutdown News From Sudan Here in the Western world, we often take certain things for granted. For instance, can you imagine waking up one morning, pouring your first cup of coffee and heading over to the computer to check your email only to find that the Internet doesn’t work… Read More

PayPal Moves to the Cloud (and Other PayPal News)

PayPal Moves to the Cloud There’s a lot of PayPal news this morning starting with the company’s recent purchase of startup Braintree. Braintree is the software platform behind sites like OpenTable and AirBnB, and PayPal sees lots of potential in the technology that Braintree has. But, purchasing Braintree isn’t the only thing that PayPal has… Read More

LinkedIn Says No to NSA

LinkedIn Says No to NSA We have covered the NSA story extensively on this site. Typically, businesses that have been contacted by the NSA are on one side or the other, and so far social networks have stood up to government requests for private information. Today, you can add another social network to that list.… Read More

Chinese Hacking Group Discovered by Symantec

Symantec Discovers Chinese Hacking Group News from Symantec Corp. today is shocking the Internet world. The cyber-security company has discovered a group of hired hackers called the Hidden Lynx group was responsible for many hacker crimes that have happened since 2009. Reuters reports this morning that the group may have been responsible for the major… Read More

Iran’s Selective Site Bans Lifted Momentarily

Iran’s Selective Site Bans Think of something you really want. Something that you have been deprived of your entire life. Now, think of what it might feel like to suddenly have that thing. What would your emotion be? Happiness? Jubilation? Extreme excitement? That thing you’ve always wanted is finally yours. But, wait – now you… Read More

You Can Have a Email Address for $100 Email Address for $100 Tricking people into thinking that you work for some highly secret government organization may not be as hard as you think. A man by the name of Chris Fisher is selling off email addresses. How can this be? As it turns out, Fisher registered the domain years ago,… Read More

Karoubi’s Website Hosted In U.S. Shut Down

Karoubi’s Website Hosted In U.S. Shut Down Sanctions imposed by the US against Iran due to Tehran’s nuclear program clearly spell out restrictions on the trade of goods and services. This includes the sale of cheap hosting services, and this restriction has now led to the shuttering of Mehdi Karoubi’s website. Karoubi was the leader… Read More

Cracks Down On Fake Reviews – Yelp

The Internet seems like such a safe place. Well, it did. Before the NSA and Snowden, the Internet felt anonymous and free from any possible trouble. But we are learning more and more each day about how the Internet is not safe – far from it. It’s not safe to search openly, and it’s not… Read More

More Snowden Leaks: This Will Shock You!

More Snowden Leaks There’s some really big news in the NSA world today. According to leaked documents, the U.S. Government has been impersonating Google in order to trick Internet users. This information originally came from a Brazilian news station, Globo News, and the details were released from Edward Snowden. How the NSA Hack Worked Using… Read More