HostGator's Site Builder

HostGator's Site BuilderToday, we decided to take a look at HostGator's Site Builder tool, free with your cheap hosting account. You would rely on this tool to build your website if you had no clue how to come up with code; this would be the way to create a well designed page in a few easy steps.

It's as easy as logging into your HostGator account, choosing a template, and adding content to your web pages. When you're done, it's ready to publish! Sounds simple, but is it too good to be true? Is it really as easy as it sounds?

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The HostGator Site Builder Interface

When you first log in to your account (cPanel) and open Site Builder, you will see a simple, easy to understand user interface. It's so easy to use, you don't need to know much about website creation at all. Do you know how to use a mouse? Then you can use this tool!

The HostGator Site Builder Templates

There are a multitude of templates at your disposal, all ready to go. All you need to do is add content! There is a template representing just about every type of business, making it seem like it was custom-created for your site alone.

What's great about these templates is the fact you don't need to sit and fuss over formatting each section of your site. They took care of that for you! All text you enter will be perfectly formatted for that specific template.

HostGator Site Builder: How To Use It

First, you start by logging in to cPanel. Click on the Site Builder option, and a welcome page appears, displaying the five steps to create your website.

Click ‘Start' in order to specify the type of site you are creating. Next, click ‘Design' and peruse the catalog of templates available for you to choose from. Once you've found a pleasing design that compliments the purpose of your website or best represents your business, you can then choose from a host of options to customize things like the banner and menu, as well as add your company logo and footer message.

When it appears as you'd like it to, it's time to make some pages! It's simple to add and delete pages from your website using the editor. The pages on the left represent groups of files that can be made into pages.

To add a page, select it and click the right-facing arrow button. Selecting a page that exists on your website and clicking the left arrow button deletes it from the site, adding it back to the left side again. Once you have all of your pages, click ‘Next.'

It's time to edit! Click the page you want to edit in the left menu, and you'll see the page as visitors to your site will see it on the right. Once you've added content, you click ‘Next', and it's time to publish! That was easy, wasn't it?

HostGator Site Builder: The Verdict

If you have no clue what you are doing when it comes to making a website, this tool is perfect for you. No coding required to create the website you've envisioned.

With over 4,500 templates, it's safe to say you'll find a design that suits you and your business. What's more, HostGator offers over 75 scripts and CMS compatibility.

How do you feel about HostGator's Site Builder tool?

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