Top Web Hosting Provider Around The World

Top Web Hosting Provider best suited for your business website

Web Host provides service which allows an organization, company or individual to host a site on Internet on servers.

Top Web Hosting Provider around the World

Top Web Hosting Provider

  • a one-stop destination for all the hosting related services
  • handles all the technical issues
  • Updates servers and imply security systems to protect websites from the cyber criminals, malware, and viruses.
  • Provide free SSL certificate for encrypting data transmitted to and from the website
  • Provide tools for domain search, site-builder, scripts which include CMS

Type of Hosting Services Offered by Top Web Hosting Provider

Shared Hosting or Virtual Hosting: Hosting numerous websites on a server sharing resources

Dedicated Hosting: Resources devoted to single client

If you are looking for the Top 10 best web hosting providers around the world, your search ends right here. There are thousand s of companies providing web hosting solutions worldwide. Every of them claims to be the best. Do the are? If you need a web hosting provider that deliver quality services, you need to take care of quite many aspects. But can they all provide excellent service, possibly not? Here is the list of the Top web hosting provider around the world.

People typically grind to a halt whereas choosing an excellent web hosting service. However, you ought not to worry concerning this as we tend to measure right here to assist you. Here gift you with the list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world:

Review Top Web Hosting Provider

 1. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Bluehost

Bluehost could be a company renowned for its quality web hosting services. So it's the primary place on our list. The corporate is providing its services since 1996, and they measure on the highest of best web hosting firms. An essential Bluehost account values around $6.95 per month. Bluehost is thought for its wonderful server time, fantastic client support, unlimited services like unlimited disk service, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and lots more.

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2. Best Hosting Provider around the World: could be a new name within the web hosting arena. However, it's created its ground in a short span of your time. Presently the corporate is in third place on our list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world. could be a reliable web hosting supplier that provides top-notch and cheap web-hosting services. The corporate started their business in 2008. In an exceedingly short span of time, they grew staggeringly.

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3. Best Hosting Provider around the World:

Hostmonster could be a massively acknowledged name in web hosting the world. The most goal of this company is to produce top of the range web hosting service to its customers. The most active part of their services is that if your server fails as a result of power cuts or the other reason, they instantly switch your account to alternative server or clusters you with another shared group. It keeps your web site running seamlessly.

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4. Best Hosting Provider around the World: star in web hosting world started in the year 1999. The corporate has currently become an enormous organization with over a hundred and ten thousand purchasers hosting over 470,000 sites. They’re renowned for his or her exceptional client support. One best purpose is that they assign a private support agent to every shopper whereas sign on. They continually provided 99.9 % time.

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5. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Godaddy

Godaddy is nice web hosting that hosts fifty-five million domain names. Godaddy provides helpful services of web hosting, therefore, stay on the top-10 list. Their servers set in the most countries.

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6. Best Hosting Provider around the World: iPage

iPage was born in 1998. Their latest stats show iPage had over 1.5 million domains beneath their shadow and provided hosting services for over one million individual websites.

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7. Best Hosting Provider around the World: DreamHost

Dreamhost is a renowned web hosting company. They aim at providing quality services with cheap plans. The one amongst the oldest web hosting company and are at ninth spot on our list of prime ten best web hosting firms within the world.

8. Best Hosting Provider around the World: InmotionHosting

The Company came into existence in 2001. They aim at providing 100% client satisfaction as they supply quality and reliable web hosting services. They even claim to convey a refund, once not glad about services.

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9. Best Hosting Provider around the World: Hostgator

Hostgator is one amongst the large names in web Hosting trade, and it's on the second place on our list. Hostgator provides super stable service and friendly client support. The corporate has the credit of hosting over eight million domains.

So if you would like to settle on an internet hosting supplier for your web site, you'll contemplate on top of the list of prime ten Best web Hosting firms within the World.

Content Management System CMS Hosting

Best CMS Hosting Providers 2016

CMS HostingWhat is CMS hosting necessary?

Yes many internet users and budding entrepreneurs would like to the answer to this question that what exactly is CMS hosting? To start with Content Management System or CMS is an easy way to manage, publish and organize your content on a website or a blog. This system makes it effortless for business houses as well as individuals to circulate their content which is an important of internet marketing.

As far as CMS hosting is concerned it has to be stated that this kind of hosting is a trouble free way of distributing data by multiple users. That is correct content like press releases, blogs, articles and events need to be broadcasted in a systematized way. CMS hosting is a sure shot way of offering such services. Of course this is done within a stipulated price depending on the need of a customer.

In continuation budget certainly plays a pivotal role in deciding what kind of services you need to opt for. Along with this the type of services you are offering also is a way to determine which provider you should go for and what sort of plans you should undertake. A good provider will be able to help you with all this. Based on the average budget here are a few names of hosted CMSs, like that of Business Catalyst, Squarespace, Webvanta, Vae and Light CMS. On the other hand open source CMSs include names like that of Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, B2Evolution and Alfresco.

As the name suggests open source CMSs contain application that can be easily downloaded from the internet. These are most popular open source applications that are widely used all across the world because of this. This is maintained by a big community of contributors and developers that offer technical assistance whenever required. On the other hand hosted CMSs are applications that are specific to providers. They come in particular packages with individual pricings. It is better to research more about them before investing even one penny in them beyond a doubt.

Although it has to be mentioned that in case of open source CMS hosting the learning curve of users is faster. The reason for this is quite obvious that these are user friendly in comparison to the hosted CMSs. This is why open source CMSs are more popular over the latter. However the hosted CMSs also are not that ostracized as they may be rarely used but they do exist. They come with their own merits like the interface they use has often observed to be quite perceptive and most of these come with a reseller package. In short it has to be cited that it is better to investigate a little more about the form of CMS hosting that may fit your bill. There are too many to get you confused but you need to ensure which one is right for your line of business. This will definitely make things effortless in the best possible ways for all and sundry. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and join the bandwagon today!

Open Source Content Management System Joomla Hosting

Joomla Hosting runs every of your application.

Informative Joomla Hosting

 In order to understand Joomla hosting, you need what exactly is Joomla. In simple words, Joomla is an open source content management system that helps you to create brilliant websites with potent online applications. Now, what is a content management system or a CMS as it is better known as?
Well, in short, a CMS is a way to organize, manage and publish content on your website. One important thing which has to be added to this is that for managing CMS you don’t need to be a technical guru. It can be handled without any technical know-how.

Joomla Hosting

Websites Using Joomla Hosting

Coming back to Joomla hosting once again you may ask as to what kind of websites can run on this application? The answer is many like government applications, small business sites; e-commerce sites, online magazines; NGO websites, church websites, corporate websites and their intranets as well as extranets can e designed on this platform.

A few from the many are like Outdoor Photographer (Magazine), MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking), The Green Maven (Eco-resources), Harvard University (Educational), (Cultural) and Senso Interiors (Furniture design).

It is quite interesting to know that even web developers prefer using Joomla hosting over any other hosting service if they have a choice to make. Although initially, they were very skeptical about using Joomla as support was a major worry. However these days Joomla has become one of the most widely used hosting open source hosting applications. For this, the community has grown and nowadays has a large group of contributors as well as developers to provide complete support to its users. Hence in a way, it can be stated that they have a long way of working on their own limitations. This is a significant reason why Joomla hosting has developed and gripped over the world.

Latest Version: 3.8.2

Customers: High demand in Europe

Downloads: 80+ million

Target Customers: Small to Large Businesses

Joomla Hosting Conclusion:

At this instant, you may ask that is there any benefit of using Joomla as a host? The riposte is yes, there are many and not a few to count on. Being an open source application, it offers a lot of features which are easily downloadable and are actually free! This makes it cost effective for any business house, big or small and also for individuals. Joomla has a great layout and certainly is more secured in comparison to the rest of open source applications. This takes the burden off your chest had you been worried about security issues.

Again it is a user-friendly application for which the learning curve of any user is less. This means you will not have to spend too many hours into learning about the tools of Joomla. It has been observed that Joomla has 2100 extensions which are why hosting on this platform becomes total fun and those who see it also can navigate easily through the pages of a website for this. This is why it can support any kind of multimedia file and is Joomla is very friendly with MySQL too. All this make Joomla hosting one of the best in the business without a doubt.

An open source CMS framework in the IT industry use by many businesses, news, e-commerce and educational websites.

New York-based Non-profit company, Open Source Matters Inc., is behind the Joomla! CMS and is a market leader in the modern digital content publishing industry.
It brings modern, user-friendly digital platforms for content authoring and publication on the web and in digital media.
With over 76 million downloads, Joomla is a market leader in the modern digital content publishing industry.

If we say Joomla is world's second favorite content management system, then everybody will start thinking “Which is first? That is obvious”.
WordPress leads Open Source CMS, with more than 140 million downloads.


Features – Joomla Hosting

  • Joomla downloaded more than 75 million times.
  • Sites like, GE (General Electric), McDonald's are running it.
  • It has a more stable and robust core system to handle larger content delivery websites
  • Features like an update, edit, add, delete, and publish content on the website are available.
  • Open Source Content Management System (CMS), easy to install and setup
  • Thousands of extensions and templates available through a dedicated catalog of resources – Joomla Extension Directory (JED).
  • Joomla includes over 550000 lines of code and developed using PHP and Javascript, which allows it to run on most modern web server systems.
  • Multi-lingual system and supports 68 languages for the core CMS. Core translations and many other extension developers use the Transifex translation platform to permit secure contributions to expanding this international reach.
  • Items listed are identified and appropriately maintained and licensed by an active volunteer team, who also works with the volunteer Joomla Vulnerability Extensions List team.

Benefits – Joomla Hosting

  • Business process integrations – Beneficial For Developing Business Websites and gaining popularity in Web Development Industry. Due to its highly cost-effective and enticing features, it is a choice for e-commerce businesses.
  • Awesome CMS functions – Can efficiently and conveniently manage the web content and developers can create an interactive user interface.
  • Customization friendliness – Joomla is free to use, and customization features are also available free or at a very affordable price. It comes with a lot of templates and plugins, which as per requirement can set on a website.
  • Massive Community Support – Thousands of members debug and tweak Joomla for making it better, secure, and robust.
  • Update Notification: Email sent to administrators with update notification plugin periodically check available updates and bug fixes.

Latest News – Joomla Hosting

  • Joomla 3.6.4, released: Joomla patched two account creation flaw, which is exploited by attackers for hacking activity. The flaw allows a creation of an account with elevated privilege, even if the account registration is disabled. Website owners should check their dashboard for a newly created account and access logs for requests that contain a “task=user.register” pattern.
  • (VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 10, 2016) The Joomla World Conference JWC takes place during November 11-13, 2016, at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in downtown Vancouver, BC.
    Web developers and marketing professionals from around the world joined it. Keynote speakers at the event are Google, Hubspot, the Digital Services Manager Tadhg Healy from the city of Vancouver, and resident local UX expert Steve Fisher.
    In 2015, JWC in Bangalore, India, Mexico, 2013, in Boston and 2012, JWC in San Jose, CA, focused on web development and content management systems

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked

Hosting users look for performance, price and ease of use in a hosting company. Most web-hosting consumers tend to opt for big-name hosting companies that come with a slew of hosting awards. These awards tend to be handed out by review and rating agencies, and tend to relate directly to a specific specialization that one company is particularly good at.

But, you have to ask yourself this question: what are the criteria that these awards are based on?

Researchers that work for various companies (like look for many different factors including reviews written by users, social influence and total traffic statistics, the number of domains hosted with a company, how many customers are leaving a particular hosting company (and where they are going) and Alexa ranking stats. The nomination of hosting companies for various hosting rewards is done on the basis of cumulative scores based on the aforementioned factors.

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked: Does Age Matter?

How Hosting Companies Are RankedMost hosting companies that gain awards have been around for more than a decade (though there are some exceptions). A large number of these companies have proven experience and reliability, which is why age becomes an important ranking factor. Another important factor is a site’s content. When it comes to content on a hosting website, written and video turotial content is important, and if often part of the overall site ranking process.

Other factors considered when rewarding hosting companies include:

  1. Availability of technical support for 24 x 7 via Live Help, Trouble Ticket System, Email, phone support and on social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Price considerations: Price is important. Students who are beginners or new developers often seek low-cost hosting package pricing.
  3. Easy website management: A user-friendly and accesible user panel is very important. Every user wants everything to be managed using this type of panel, and most hosting companies offer everything under one roof like SSL certificate, domain options, or any other resource.
  4. Quick installation of scripts by offering Fantastico or Softaculous
  5. High performance and 100% compatibility
  6. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  7. Backup facility
  8. Latest version of MySQL and PHP
  9. Apache webserver and suPHP for enhancements
  10. BBB rating of hosting provider
  11. Server quality and UPS
  12. Better than average server response time
  13. Real-time monitoring statistics
  14. Data center location
  15. Multiple layers of network redundancy

Sites like and are independent web hosting review portals that help people just like you decide on a reliable hosting company. If you are trying to find a hosting company that comes with a lot of rewards or just a company that’s reliable, make sure to check out with has to offer – unbiased reviews and user responses to most major hosting companies out there!

Latest News And Web Hosting Review

Company Introduction was founded in 2001, is located in the United Kingdom, and offers a number of hosting services to clients including:

  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • e-Commerce hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Domain registration services
  • Web design options

Clients can also choose between Linux-based hosting and Windows-based hosting. This hosting company comes with tier 4 data centers located across the U.K.


Since the company was founded, WebHostingUK has built a solid reputation. In addition, this company offers clients package prices that are reasonable and tough to beat.


  • WebHostingUK offers many different services including:
  • Free e-mail accounts
  • 1-click install options
  • Free website building program
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Instant account setup
  • 24-hour technical support

One area where this hosting company reall shines, though, is with dedicated hosting package options. Packages start at just 49 Euros per month and include the following features:

  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® CPUs
  • 128 GB RAM
  • HDD, SSD and SAS

Shared hosting plans (starting at 2.29 Euros per month) include:

  • 500MB of bandwidth each month
  • C Panel control panel
  • 1 click auto installer
  • 500 MB Disk Space
  • Free domains

Clients are also entitled to get WHOIS privacy protection for their domain names, though it is optional.rom as low as 5 Euros a year, clients can have their domains registered in only a matter of minutes.


This company uses Dell servers.


With great network up-time statistics, this web host ensures that websites experience very little downtime. Plus, it’s tough to beat 24-hour technical support. And, you can always cash in on that money-back guarantee if you don’t like what you get.

Customer service

As mentioned, technical support through WebHostingUK can be accessed around-the-clock. The technical support team is available whenever there is a problem, and customer supprot is also available at all times.

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