Google Hangouts for Hosting Companies

google hangouts vs skype Google Hangouts for Hosting CompaniesWhat's the deal with Google lately? When Google Plus first came out, the social site was a ghost town. Now, Google Plus is easily more popular and preferable than Facebook or Twitter (so it seems). In addition to Google Plus, Google's new Hangouts (okay, not completely new, but new enough!) has really picked up speed.

Should you be using Google Hangouts? Why are Hangouts one of the most popular ways to hold video discussions now? If you're curious about using Hangouts for your new cheap hosting site (in any manner), take a look at this content.

Why Google Hangouts Is Popular

One of the main reasons people like Google Hangouts is that it's a Google application. People trust Google, that's a simple fact. But, that's not the only reason why Hangouts is so popular. Another good reason is that Hangouts lets you talk with up to 8 people via video at once. So, if you want to hold a web conference for your cheap cloud hosting site, for example, Google Hangouts might be a really good choice.

There's another reason too. Google's Hangouts doesn't come with lots of software to download. All you have to do is go to Hangouts, start using it, invite people, and you're ready to go. You can hold a video meeting or see a family member that's far away in a few minutes. The whole setup is simple, efficient, and fun. Plus, Hangouts is free. How's the video quality?

How Google Hangouts Compares to Skype

Skype has long been the number one video conferencing option. Now that Hangouts has come along, it's a good idea to compare the two. Hangouts lets you view more people at once, and Hangouts doesn't include any pesky downloads. But, Skype still offers better overall video quality.

Sometimes, the video quality with Hangouts can lag and be slightly fuzzy. So, take that into consideration when you use Hangouts. On that note, let's talk about the reasons why you might use an application like Hangouts for a hosting company.

Google Hangouts for Hosting

Sometimes, customer services can make or break a hosting company – more often than not, actually. But, you can go a lot further than phone or email service. You might want to consider connecting really good clients with an IT specialist via Google Hangouts. Sound kind of kooky? It might be, but it's also one of the ways that some companies are going above and beyond when it comes to technical support.

If you're just starting a cheap website hosting company, think about using Google Hangouts to hold company conference or just to help people get through a particularly tough setup process. Sometimes, the difference between a successful company and one that goes unnoticed is how well you treat your clients.

Do you use Google Hangouts? What do you think of this video conferencing application? Great or not so great? How does it stack up to Skype? Let me know below.

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