New Cloud Hosting Option

Watch out, Amazon – Google has arrived. Google has a new cloud hosting service (kind of) that takes direct aim at what Amazon and Microsoft have already put together. Here are the new Google Cloud details.

Inside Google Cloud Platform

Google actually rolled out the company's cloud services via Google Compute Engine to a few people not too long ago, but now the service is available to everyone. What does it include?

  • Application Services
  • Computing
  • Storage

Google is naming the new cloud platform a straightforward ‘Cloud Storage,' and the company has also lowered prices, so that everyone seeking cloud options from Google can afford these new offerings.

New Cloud Hosting Option: Pricing and Other Details

How much will it cost you if you want to move to Google's cloud? It depends on how much space is used and how much data you transfer. Google is setting up pricing on a per-usage model, instead of offering companies a flat fee.

Google also wants to help you manage databases. For more of those details, head directly to Google's main blog. Essentially, Google is telling the world that this company believes in its own products. Google uses the products that the company produces on its own site, and now that company is passing these services onto you.

Some Competition

Google already has the company's name and telltale multi-colored logo behind the new cloud services. That's why Google can compete directly with the likes of Amazon and GoDaddy – people and companies that already use Google's many other services are likely to trust Google when it comes to cloud services too.

Many website owners have already been using Google's Compute Engine for more than 18 months, and those that have weighed in on the services that Google offers are more than happy with Google's options. Some complain that Google's Cloud Console needs some work, but Google is sure to fix that right away.

Google's method here seems to be to put forth new ventures and fix the little things at a later time. But, Google is prepared enough to unleash the new cloud services on the world. If you're looking for a way to connect to more Google options, this might be a good choice.

What Do You Think?

Would you jump ship from GoDaddy or any other big hosting company in order to connect with Google's cloud? Or, have you had enough of Google and all of its offerings? I'm curious as to whether or not Google will be able to make a dent in the hosting world largely owned by companies like Amazon – seems like a tough market to break into. Then again, if any company can do it…it's Google.

Let me know what you think about Google's latest venture!

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