WordPress For Your Online Training Site

WordPress For Online Training Site You are building an online training site for your employees on new software they’ll have to work with. Where do you begin, and how do you do it easily? Rely on WordPress and a plugin called WP Courseware! Many people are relying on a WordPress cheap hosting site for their… Read More

Musicians: Take Note Of HostBaby!

HostBaby In the vast sea of cheap hosting providers, each service can seem to blend in with the others. They all seem to offer a generic package, similar to others. But you’re an aspiring musician, and you want something tailor-made for your needs, something to set you apart from the rest. Is there anything out… Read More

Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites

Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites Filters or not, hackers will find a way. Nothing demonstrates that better than a recent story out of the UK, on the heels of the mandatory ISP filters for pornography their government is talking about imposing. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), supportive of the filters, recently pointed out… Read More

Web Hosting Firm Shuts Down Services To Iranian Websites

Iranian Websites: Web Hosting Firm Shuts Down Services Cheap web hosting provider Web.com disclosed information that it shut down the web pages run by a business they acquired because they were owned by Iranian businesses. The information regarding the shut down was disclosed in an earnings statement released on Friday, regarding the sanctions law signed… Read More

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security

Mozilla Working Toward Tighter Web Security Mozilla wants to make the Internet a place where users can feel a lot safer. Browser security has been a bit of an issue, and there have been accusations of NSA backdoors. Mozilla wants to remind users that they are against this government practice, and figure the best way… Read More

Roon: The New Kid On The Blogging Block

Roon: The New Kid You’ve heard of Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, all big names in the world of blogging platforms. These are all great for providing a rich blog experience for readers. However, if you don’t need free or cheap hosting of your media-rich blog with a fancy theme, there are other options. Medium is… Read More

HTML: You Can Do It Yourself!

HTML: You Can Do It Yourself! You’re a beginner in the world of building websites. As such, you outsourced your cheap hosting website design to a professional. Your site has launched, and although you are very pleased with the work they’ve done, you have noted a few small things that should be modified or added.… Read More

Why Image Optimization Is Important

Image Optimization The right image on your dedicated hosting website, whether on the homepage or embedded within a blog post, is critical. And it isn’t just for SEO purposes (although this is a big reason to host quality images, too!) High quality images on your homepage draw people in. After all, an image is the… Read More

What’s the Deal With Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Insurance Insurance. You need it most of the time. But, what about insurance when it comes to the Internet? Do you need to have some kind of website insurance? What types of cyber insurance exist, and, more importantly, how much will it cost you per year? Here’s what you need to know about cyber… Read More

Creating Fresh Blog Content

Fresh Blog Content A blog is a funny thing. Most websites need to have a blog in order to stay current with readers. Setting up a blog is one of the first things that most people do right after signing up with a cheap website host too. The problem with most blogs, though, is the… Read More

7 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance

Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance If you frequent the Ananova blog, you know WordPress is the most popular CMS. It is simple to use, and makes even a beginner feel like an old pro! Businesses of all sizes and individuals alike rely on a cheap hosting WordPress site each and every day to bring information… Read More

Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Cheap web hosting providers Cheap web hosting providing companies offer cheap hosting services to customers. Among the leading companies when it comes to offering cheap web hosting services include: Arvixe web hosting, WebhostingPad, Go Daddy web hosting, Site 5 hosting, Just Host, In Motion hosting, i Page hosting, Host Monster, Blue Host and Host Gator… Read More

Best Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting Providers

Unlimited Web Hosting Services Providers Most of the Best Web Hosting Companies offer their Clients Unlimited Web Hosting services so that clients can use the Hosting Services without any hesitation. A real unlimited web hosting service allows unlimited use all the features below: Domains: With Add-On Domain feature host any number of domains. Sub domains:… Read More

Senate Puts a Stop to Cramming Practice

Cramming Practice Imagine this: you receive your monthly telephone bill, and there are some minimal charges for a cheap web hosting service. Only, you don’t use cheap web hosting of any kind, and you don’t have a website. You also happen to be a senior citizen. The practice is called ‘cramming,’ and its been a… Read More

The Internet Is 20 Today!

Internet Is 20 Today It was 20-years ago today that the World Wide Web was born. Can you believe that? The Internet is just 20-years old. The World Wide Web was first put into action on April 30th, 1993. Concepts like adult hosting and specialty hosting didn’t come into play until much later. Who created… Read More

T5 Turns To Green Hosting

T5 Turns To Green Hosting Environmental hosting is something that we’ve talked about before on this site. There are lots of dedicated server companies out there that also aim to be green. Various cloud hosting companies seeking green initiatives exist too. One of the biggest data centers, T5 Data Centers, has just opened a new,… Read More

First Steps When Seeking Cheap Hosting With Domain

Seeking Cheap Hosting With Domain If you are searching for Cheap Hosting with Domain, where do you start? There are so many choices to make, especially when choosing your Hosting Provider. Even when a hosting provider attempts to make it simple, how do you know one of the more complex services isn’t better for you… Read More

PaaS: Is This Hosting Solution For You?

PaaS Hosting Solution When it comes to how a site is hosted, things are changing. With the cloud being used increasingly each day, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is being offered by more and more web hosts. PaaS options add up to cheap web hosting solutions for anyone. What do you know about PaaS? It’s safe to say… Read More

Biggest Web Hosting Scams and Rip-Offs

Web Hosting Scams Where there’s business, there are scams. The web hosting industry is no exception to this rule. So many people are looking for free or cheap web hosting companies, that it’s almost too tempting for scammers. Before you sign up for any web hosting provider, take a look at these well-known scams. Web… Read More

Cheap Linux Hosting

Some of the best cheap web hosting providers in the hosting industry include Go Daddy web hosting company, which offers clients the option of choosing between Windows based hosting and linux web hosting services. Some other cheap web hosting companies are: the Just Host web hosting company, BlueHost, Web hosting pad and Inmotion web hosting… Read More