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question_icon Questions AnsweredQuestion: how many infographics should I post on my website weekly?

Answer: Graphics are great, aren't they? Images are fun to look at. Best of all, images aren't time consuming, and people like to share infographics (just make sure you water-stamp yours!). The only problem with an infographic (or any graphic) is that there's such a thing as overkill.

There is no solid rule of thumb when it comes to the frequency of infographics. However, adding more three (and that might be pushing it) of these images per week isn't the best idea. Sure, infographics are interesting, but they also lack the substance that good old-fashioned words have. Want to post an infographic or two? Go ahead! Just stop at three – words are your friends too!

Question: What's the deal with SugarSynch?

Answer: SugarSynch is a cloud-based synching tool kind of like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive (others are out there too). In recent weeks, SugarSynch has gained a lot of attention, mostly because of great marketing (and people like the name, right?).

Benefits of SugarSynch: 5GB of free space, the ability to choose files across your file system, you can choose to synch files only in the cloud (and not on your desktop or other devices).

Drawbacks: SugarSynch's interface is not as slick as Dropbox (main competition), so that's one thing to keep in mind. Otherwise, SugarSynch is a good alternative to Drive, Dropbox, and other file synching and sharing options.

Question: What's the best cheap hosting site?

Answer: That's a tough question! On this blog, we are fans of HostGator. That choice is based on the company's awesome IT team, and the fact that HostGator offers great packages that won't break the bank. That said, we have reviewed countless other cheap hosting sites here, so take a look at what we have come up with!

Question: What's the best way to keep cloud-shared files secure?

Answer: We know that security is a top priority, but the only (and best) way to make sure files are safe is to encrypt them. If you want more information about encryption options and methods, check out this article on how to encrypt cloud-based files.

Question: Is it possible to ask your site experts anything about web hosting or WordPress?

Answer: Yes! That's why we are here. In most cases, we have the answer you need. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it for you. If you have a question, there are a number of ways to get in touch with us including email, posting a comment, or clicking on our ‘Live Help' button. We focus mostly on web hosting reviews, IT topics, and industry-related news, but we're happy to help you discover anything you're looking for when it comes to hosting.

Question: There's a cheap hosting site I want to know more about, can you review it?

Answer: Of course! Just send us a note or post a comment, and we'll take a look at the site you have in mind.

Questions Answered

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