Tumblr: These Cheap Hosting Sites Do It Well

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Tumblr: These Cheap Hosting Sites Do It WellTumblr is something of an on-again-off-again site for most business owners. When Yahoo purchased the company, it was all the rage. Now, though, many SEO teams and small business owners skip over the site completely in lieu of other sites like Twitter and Facebook. Before you do that, though, take a look at some ways that cheap hosting companies are using Tumblr like it's going out of style.

HostGators Tumblr Blog

HostGator is one company that you really want to model your own hosting site after. Not only does this company provide great hosting and customer support, but HostGator nails it when it comes to social media. HostGator's  blog is filled to the bring with colorful pictures, great posts, and lots of other fun stuff. If you're going to get into Tumblr, you have to take a look at this blog.

LiquidWeb Tumblr Blog

Here's another cheap hosting company that takes up space on Tumblr. Like HostGator, LiquidWeb's blog is filled with great images and lots of awesome content. LiquidWeb also posts details about the company's team (including photos of the team), and that's something that you should really get behind.

Tumblr: These Cheap Hosting Sites Do It Well: How to Use

The two companies mentioned above really take Tumblr to the next level, but you'll notice something interesting about these Tumblr site right away: they are filled with mostly photos. That's because Tumblr is largely a photo centric site. Does this mean that you should ditch your blog and use photos instead? Not at all.

What it does mean is that you can easily combine photographs through a blog with content on your regular blog. In fact, the two work very well together. Both LiquidWeb and HostGator add links back to their prospective site blogs through Tumblr. For example, you could post an image, and then let that image lead people back to your site. This way, you create the best of both worlds.

Using Tumblr

Tumblr correctly claims that it takes approximately 30 seconds to set up a account. After testing this claim, I can attest that 30 seconds is all it does take. Plus, setting up your own Tumblr blog is simple too. All you have to do is follow the buttons and instructions.

Now that Yahoo has purchased Tumblr, there are bound to be some changes made – hopefully those will be for the good. In the meantime, though, it will certainly pay for you to set up a Tumblr account for your hosting site. Whether you're selling adult hosting or just cheap hosting plans, Tumblr is a great way to go – take it from HostGator and LiquidWeb!

Do you need help setting up a Tumblr blog? Have questions? Let us know what you need help with below, and we'll get back to you quickly!

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