NSA.org Email Address for $100

NSA.org namesTricking people into thinking that you work for some highly secret government organization may not be as hard as you think. A man by the name of Chris Fisher is selling off NSA.org email addresses. How can this be? As it turns out, Fisher registered the NSA.org domain years ago, and now he's looking to get a piece of the recent NSA news pie.

How to Get Your Slice

Dying to get your own NSA.org email address? All it will cost you is $100. Once you pay your $100, you'll have that NSA name all to yourself – or to the people you're trying to impress! Then again, the government doesn't go with .org names. Everyone knows that government organizations tend to have .gov sites and addresses.

Still, many are lining up to get a NSA.org email address. Why? I'm guessing because it looks cool (or some think that it looks cool!). Where do you get yours? Okay, follow these instructions to uber-cooldom:

  1. Go to the NSA.org website
  2. See that ‘Buy Now' button? Click that.
  3. Go through the purchasing process.
  4. You now are the proud owner of a NSA.org address.

Included In That $100 Price Tag

So, for one-hundred bucks, what do you get?

  1. NSA.org email
  2. Shell
  3. URL of your choosing

Start getting creative if you want that NSA.org name. Once you purchase your own account, you can then set up a username and password – Fisher is willing to have a voice or Skype conversation if you don't want to write your username and password preference in an email.

Why Get a NSA.org Name?

Well, this one is hard to answer. Personally, I think that this is a waste of $100 dollars, but it could be a fun address to mess around with. Keep in mind that directly trying to impersonate a government employee is illegal, but you can still purchase that address.

So, now I want to know: what do you all think of the $100 NSA.org buying option? Is this worth the money, a mere trend, or something that you'd never purchase in a million years?

An Interesting Observation

Curiously, Fisher was able to purchase an .org site without any intervention from the government. Typically, the government watches .org sites to make sure that all of those sites are available to organizations solely, but that's not the case here. Curious, isn't it?

Again, I have to point out that trying to impersonate a government employee is a crime, so do be careful of that. Alright, let me have it: what do you think of the NSA.org news? Who's going to shell out $100 to get this email address? Any takers?

Photo Courtesy of Sam Howzit Via Flickr Creative Commons

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