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Every business owner wants their work or business to be very popular among their customers or clients, competitors and others all over the world. Through advertising and publicity this activity may be done i.e. to gain popularity and increase the goodwill of our business. Now if we talk about the terms “Advertising” and “Publicity”, then we all know that media or press is the main source, by which these activities may be done in a very effective way, by reaching to people all over the world.

But now the time is change. Now-a-days almost every type of work or activity is done online, so why not press or media activities. With this, advertising also gets very costly, not available at an affordable rate as well as competition is also increasing, so now every business is turning towards the power of online press. Through timely press release, gaps may be reduced to a large extent and it may close the competition also. Before jump to the online press release which may be used as a good marketing tool, first you need to search for the good quality press distribution web sites, as there are more chances of including them in Google news and when people search for them then at the top of the result, they are providing free (priceless) exposure, so as to catch the attention of more and more people.

Below are given Top 10 Press Release Providers/Websites in the order of their ranking from top to bottom

  1. PRLOG – PRLOG secure first rank among all the press release providers and its Alexa rank are 943. The look of this web site is ordinary and functional, include inbound links and provide good results. It is also a search engine allows you to search as well as provide services which are freely distributed for Google News and other search engines.
  2. Free Press Release – In general ranking, it secures second position and in terms of Alexa, it secures 1885 position. This is like other press release providers but the part which makes it different from other websites is that it may help you to point to your website by allow you to put the banners on the press release. With this it also provide you two more benefits of using this, one it allows you to download the PDF version and other it is able to use particular fonts.
  3. – It is on no. third and its Alexa rank is 8284. This website serve various purposes such as it allows you to search the job, serve as a directory of businesses, products and services, provide the service of online press release distribution on both free and paid basis and also publish celebrity, business tycoons etc. interviews, articles, reviews online.
  4. Press Release – It secures fourth position and its Alexa rank is 6928. It serves as a useful website for the journalist and for those, whose work is related to publishing, as this site provides the facility of attaching the logos, files, images or pictures to the press release. It has a lot of traffic also.
  5. – It ranks on fifth no. and in terms of Alexa its rank is 8466. It is a online press release distribution web site available free of cost. It is a European based website where you may post images, logos by which it may be look totally branded.
  6. Click Press – There are various world class news services such as Moreover, Lycos News, Topix .Net, MSN News, Google News, NewsNow, Ask Jeeves News, News Knowledge and IPD Group which distribute the content of Click Pess. Its Alexa rank is 12498 and general rank is sixth.
  7. NEWS-WIRE PR TODAY – It stands on seventh no. and its Alexa rank is 23797. It is a online press release distribution website. It is not easy to navigate and on this it is also not easy to submit your press release, as its home page is full of text.
  8. Press Method – Its Alexa rank is 105378. It is also a online press release distribution site, free of cost but provide you with few extra services also if some contribution is done from your side. It optimizes your release for the maximum no. of search engines but it may not submit to Google News, in that case users cannot expect so many short term profits.
  9. pressbox .co .UK – This site is mainly use by the journalist to find stories for their news. It is running online since 1999 and it is established out of London. In terms of Alexa, its rank is 12952.
  10. PR LEAP – Among the top 10, it is stood at tenth no. Its Alexa rank is 21699. The services of these websites is used by more than 30,000 companies to send press releases which are embedded with files, images, audio, videos to journalist, knowledge workers and bloggers.

Here is a list of Top 10 Press Release Websites

Provider Page Rank Alexa Rank Details
prlog 6 943 It is an ordinary and functional looking site but results are good. It gives free distribution service for Google News and other search engines. Inbound links are allowed and the site is also properly optimized for search engines
free-press-release 5 1885 The best part of using it is that you can place banners on the press release that will point to your website. The ability to use specific fonts and download a PDF version are another two nice touches of
pr-com 6 8284 is a directory of businesses, products and services, a online press release distribution service, job search website, and online publication of articles, reviews and celebrity interviews. Offers both free and paid press release service.
pressrelease 5 6928 The site has good page rank and gets good traffic. It allows you to attach files, logos or images to your press release so they’re ready for journalists and others who need the information for publication. Paid accounts get extra services.
pr-inside 6 8466 European-based free E press release distribution site. You can also post a photo and company logo, allowing for a totally branded submission.
clickpress 5 12498 Click Press content is distributed by a number of world-class news services, including: Google News, Moreover, News-now, Topix. net, MSN News, Ask Jeeves News, Lycos News, News Knowledge and the IPD Group.
web-newswire 5 23797 A press e-press release distribution network. Not the easiest site to navigate, but a page-rank of 6 makes it worthwhile wading through the text-heavy homepage to submit your press release.
pressmethod 4 105378 Free e-press release distribution no matter what, but extra services based on the size of your contribution. It automatically optimise your release for maximum search engine impact, but won't submit it to Google News, so users shouldn't expect too much of a short-term gain
press-box 5 12952 Based out of London, they have a large journalist following who use the site to find news stories. They have been online since 1999.
Pr-Leap 5 21699 Free distribution to search engines, newswire, and RSS feeds. Over 30,000 companies have used our service to send out press releases embedded with videos, photos, and files, to bloggers, journalists, and knowledge workers.

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