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Top Managed HostingBefore jump to the managed hosting service providers, I think you all are thinking about the term “Managed Hosting”.

Customers requiring Managed hosting

  • business owners who are running their business at a very large scale. They don't want any hassle of monitoring or managing the website
  • having multiple websites. Does not want to hire expensive server administrator. The business owner wishes to focus on their core operations.
  • transfer data in large quantity i.e. bandwidth and
  • need a large amount of disk space or other resources.

To run their multiple web sites, these owners need a dedicated server where only their websites reside.

Benefits of Top Managed Hosting Providers

  • Administration: Provider does Maintenance, Updates, Security, and Backup System.
  • Protects websites from hackers, malware, and viruses.
  • Provider does the IT investment which includes hardware, software, and manpower
  • Maintains 100% uptime: It requires certain technical skills and regular monitoring.
  • Guaranteed resource availability
  • Application deployment
  • Database Management
  • Monitoring and Controlling of operations
  • Resolves technical issues

Finding the Top Managed Hosting Provider

  • Affordable or cost-effective
  • Best suits the needs
  • Type of support offered
  • Hardware replacement policy
  • Compare hosting packages and features (disk space, bandwidth, control panel)

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  • Miri Bisha says:

    Here presents you four major tips in order to maintain a good website and obviously safe too. First of all everyone must update their software from time to time as virus and malware attacks are very harmful for the sites. Second, if your web page contains a Login Id and Password then it is good as everyone cannot access even the home page of your site if he or she does not know the Username and Password. Third, while uploading the files you must be very careful as sometimes these files contain harmful malware or viruses which results into malfunction to the site. Fourth, usage of Shell or Virus Scanner also proves good for you

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