Imagine viewing the stars up close. Or, seeing what our world looks like from the point of view of an astronaut. These are the types of images that NASA is privy to, and you can view them too – you can even share them on your hosting site or blog. How? Through the ‘NASA' images website. Let's take a look inside.

NASA Images

NASA Hubble Images

NASA Images is a public bank of NASA's video, image, and audio collections. This site was developed in conjunction with the Internet Archive to help show the world what NASA does and looks at daily. Most of us never think about the universe that we live in, and NASA wants that to change.

Plus, NASA Images is a great education site that includes everything from the first walk on the moon video clips to famed images of star clusters. The best part is, of course, that all of these images and videos and educational information is completely free to use and distribute. Why did NASA set this up?

Helping Space Exploration

Our world on the ground is hectic and crazy, but we never think about the world above us. That's actually a problem. In order to continue to make progress where space exploration is concerned, we have to first understand and support space programs like the ones that NASA has created.

To further interest in such programs, NASA has opened up its archives to the public. If you do have an interest in space exploration (and why wouldn't you?), it's really worth it to look at some of the images and videos posted on this site. Not only can you post these images to your own site (they are public domain), but you can also see what you are missing on Earth while you are down below!

Access the Archives

When you visit the NASA Images site, you will see that there are currently more than 20,000 videos; roughly 900 audio clips; and more than 90,000 images to view and select from. You have to register in order to download a photo, but this can easily be done via Facebook.

From there, all you have to do is hit that download link, or share the photo via any social network you are part of. You will have access to all kinds of really mind-blowing images (like the one on this page), and you will see lots of really interesting things – sorry, no aliens! NASA Images isn't the only site of its kind, but it's one of the few that is really worth looking at.

If you have some time today, check out what NASA Images has to offer. You'll soon see that the world isn't as crazy as it seems when you're looking at it from the perspective of a NASA employee! Questions? Comments? Do yo love this image? Let me know what you think about this NASA project below!

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