Apple iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S

iphone 5SYesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. The 5S is getting the most press attention today because of new fingerprinting identity technology (iTouch), and because it will come in a brand-new color: gold. Technically, Apple is calling this color ‘champagne,' but all that glitters is…that's right, gold.

What does this have to do with web hosting? Here's the thing: Apple is generating all kinds of new buzz simply due to the fact that the new iPhone will come in a golden color. That means that changing up your website or hosting packages slightly can do the same. How? Let's look.

iPhone: The Mystery of Marketing

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly started offering a never seen before package deal on your site. Chances are that you'd generate all kinds of news too. But, you're more likely to simply create a buzz with your current clients if you offer something that sounds amazing (and back up those claims, of course!).

What Apple did here was create something that the company has never done before – a golden phone. For a company that tends to issue black and white phones, gold is a huge step forward.

Combine that golden tone with new features like fingerprinting ID technology, and you've got a phone that will sell fast when it does roll out. How can you apply this to web hosting or any other product that you sell? Simply.

Your Golden Hosting Package

Change the names of your current packages. I'm not saying that you should go gold, but you can certainly mix things up a bit. Plus, it's never a bad idea to offer something new or unique.

Sure, Apple had other motives for picking that golden color (namely, the company is trying to appeal to consumers outside of North America), but the shock and awe of something entirely unique is what is driving the buzz behind the announcement today.

Just as you can learn about hosting tactics from companies like Amazon and Host Gator, you can learn about marketing from a company like Apple. Will the iPhone 5S be the best thing since, well, the original iPhone? Maybe or maybe not, but it really doesn't matter at this point. There's already a line up outside of NYC's Fifth Avenue Apple store – true story.

Are these people crazy? Maybe; but the fact of the matter is that they want the latest thing, and that thing is the new iPhone 5S. Find a way to make people line up for your cheap hosting service, and you will have cracked the marketing code.

Let's talk about that phone, though, are you going to line up for it? Or, do you have an amazing web hosting marketing plan that will generate crowds and press? Let me know in the comments below.

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