BlueHost: Crowned #1

Looking for the top Linux hosting provider for your website? A premier portal has crowned who they feel provides the best services when it comes to features, technology, cost, speed, reliability, and tech support. After reviewing over 100 shared hosting providers priced under $10 per month and the reviews of their customers, the winner was BlueHost.

BlueHost's Background

bluehost-review-by-toptenhostingsBlueHost has been in the forefront of the shared hosting world since 1996. Since then, they have grown substantially, and now cater to over 2.5 million customers. They are the only shared hosting provider that invested heavily (like, 20-million-dollars heavily) in its data center that uses only Dell-brand servers and BGP4 smart routing technology with 5 fiber-lines brought directly into the building. Bandwidth exceeds 150,000 Mbits in all.

Overall Results measured hundreds of sites against their own testing as well as scouring the reviews left by actual customers to determine the results. Overall, the review site makes it clear that no one in the hundreds of sites that were reviewed had the stellar reputation of BlueHost. Whether linux hosting or shared hosting, prices are affordable and service is top-notch.

BlueHost accepts both credit card and PayPal to pay for their hosting services, and a big bonus: anytime you are dissatisfied, whether 30 days or three years, you can get your money back. That's right, an anytime money back guarantee.


Thanks to their customized Linux kernel and the data center they manage themselves, BlueHost guarantees 99.9% uptime. Their powerful web servers certainly support this. Why did they bother with a customized Linux kernel? That's simple: to offer the best shared hosting experience possible on the market today for their customers.

Using BlueHost's Linux platform means you can segregate Disk I/O, CPU, and memory used by all the clients hosted on a single server. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your information being compromised by someone on the same server.

Control Panel

BlueHost relies on the cPanel control panel, offering the best features for users. It's easy for new users, no matter if they are computer savvy or not, to use.

BlueHost customized the control panel, integrating it with the billing account system, Simple Scripts, and adding a CPU throttling feature. Simple Scripts was created by the founder of BlueHost, Matt Heaton, to give users the power to effortlessly install applications to their websites. It's comparable to Fantastico, something other hosting companies rely on, but is easier for users in terms of UI and overall experience.

Support and Pricing

Their support is truly second to none, and with shared hosting plans starting at $3.95 a month (44% off their usual price of $6.95 per month), it's the best value. Where else can you pay a fee as low as that and still get reliable, 24/7/365 support whether the toll-free US-based number, email, or live chat? The company actually employs 400 people to deal with customer support exclusively. They are all very well-trained, and know their technological stuff!

What else do you get for that low price? Well, a lot, actually. You get domain name, $50 Facebook advertising credits, $100 Google AdWords credits, and all that a Linux platform has to offer: PHP 5.3.18, Ruby on Rails, SQLite, PostgreSQL, ionCube PHP Loader, Zend Optimizer, Shared SSL, Secure Shell Access, hardware firewall and DDoS attack response, Cloudflare content delivery network integration, and more.

If you are looking for the best Linux hosting provider, it's safe to say BlueHost is an excellent choice.

Do you use BlueHost's services? Do you agree with the assessment that they are the best there is? We want to hear your BlueHost experience!

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