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iOS AppsDid you know that you can access and manage some cheap hosting accounts with iOS apps? Some hosting companies offer app options for the iPhone and iPad, so that you don’t have to be near a desktop in order to keep tabs on your site. Here are some of the best iOS web hosting app options available.

1. Go Daddy

This handy app allows you to purchase many different items: hosting packages; SSL certificates; servers; shopping carts; and much more directly from your iOS device. You will receive instant notifications when an account or domain is due to expire, and this app also allows you to renew anything you own through GoDaddy.

Looking to register a domain? Not a problem! You can even check out the GoDaddy ‘Auctions Domain Name Aftermarket,’ where you can browse through available domains, track pricing, and bid on the domains that interest you.

You can manage all aspects of your GoDaddy hosting account, whether it’s through managed private or virtual private servers. It's all there, including email account access. Another great feature: with your iOS device, you can go through a fast checkout process when purchasing products – this app also keeps track of all account information, so you don’t have to enter it twice.

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2. Rackspace Cloud

If your head's in Rackspace's cloud, you can manage it all right from your iOS device. Manage all of your cloud hosting accounts right there in the app

  • it allows for multiple accounts. Need to rebuild a server? No problem
  • you can also reboot and rename them, as well as ping them from multiple locations.

Check the status of the system, change root passwords, and enjoy easy access to support wherever you are. Rackspace definitely has its app bases covered!

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3. AWS

If Amazon's cloud is your choice, you can download the ‘AWS Console’ to easily see your EC2 instances, ELB, and RDS from anywhere. You can filter results and seek out specific instances in order to view all details and alarms associated with them.

If you're checking up on a service request, use the ‘Service Health Dashboard’ to keep track of work performed. Users granted certain permissions are also able to keep track of the total cost of service, ensuring you stay on budget all the time.

The listing within the app store says Amazon plans to do much more with this app (likely when it is updated for iOS 7), and requests for new features are being addressed. Simply tap the feedback link in the menu within the app to read more.

All From Your iOS App

Web hosting companies are realizing the power of smartphones, and the convenience of managing accounts on the go. There is much more to explore in the app store, like web hosting forums and podcasts, so go check it out!

Do you have a favourite web hosting app?

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