The New Cost of Web Hosting

New Cost of Web Hosting In the Beginning of 20th century no one could think that people can get information from all over the world in few seconds, development of technology in decades completely changed the people life. The first service of viewing the web was World Wide Web which had renamed later to Nexus.… Read More

PayPal Moves to the Cloud (and Other PayPal News)

PayPal Moves to the Cloud There’s a lot of PayPal news this morning starting with the company’s recent purchase of startup Braintree. Braintree is the software platform behind sites like OpenTable and AirBnB, and PayPal sees lots of potential in the technology that Braintree has. But, purchasing Braintree isn’t the only thing that PayPal has… Read More

Textbooks Go Open Source, Students Rejoice

Textbooks Go Open Source, Students Rejoice If you have attended college or taken online courses, you know the astronomical cost of textbooks. With some books costing as much as $300, purchasing textbooks for multiple classes can clean your wallet out completely. But what if textbooks were available on a cheap hosting website? What if these… Read More

Q&A: Some of Your Questions Answered

Questions Answered Question: how many infographics should I post on my website weekly? Answer: Graphics are great, aren’t they? Images are fun to look at. Best of all, images aren’t time consuming, and people like to share infographics (just make sure you water-stamp yours!). The only problem with an infographic (or any graphic) is that… Read More

Hostgator Experiences Email Blacklisting Issues

Cheap hosting giant Hostgator reported a couple of weeks ago that a high number of IP addresses used for email gateways were blacklisted across multiple networks for just about every web host worldwide. When IPs are blacklisted in this manner, it leads to any email being sent from the IP undeliverable to the email black… Read More

Iran’s Uphill Battle To Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services

Iran Struggles to Improve Quality Of Web Hosting Services In order to breathe new life into the not-so-great cheap web hosting market in Iran, ISPs there will begin offering a higher quality web hosting experience. Iran’s ‘Ministry of Science and Technology’ released statistics in July that showed the number of cheap hosting websites hosted in… Read More

The True Cost Of Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web Hosting Wonder what a quality web hosting will actually cost you? You might be surprised to learn that it can be quite inexpensive. But no matter what you pay, if you’re a business, you need a cheap hosting website. No one turns to the Yellow Pages anymore to find a product or service… Read More

YouTube: Perfect Website Marketing Tool

Perfect Website Marketing Tool You’ve explored numerous avenues to more effectively market your cheap hosting website. But have you considered making a video? Even if you aren’t a pro videographer, you can make a valuable video designed to attract more traffic to your website! Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine… Read More

Are There WordPress Alternatives?

Are There WordPress Alternatives We talk a lot about cheap hosting WordPress sites. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there for blog, online retail site, or website. However, are there any alternatives? If you’re considering WordPress for your cheap hosting website, here are five WordPress alternatives  compared it against to… Read More

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site These days, it’s all about social media. Turning to these types of sites can help increase the traffic you receive on your cheap hosting website, which leads to increased sales and profits. But are you putting your social media accounts to work as much as possible? Social Media… Read More

Internet . org: Internet For All

Internet . org: Internet For All You started up that cheap hosting site in order to reach out to a global audience and showcase the products you offer. But exactly how big is that audience? Not very. Only a little more than one-third of the entire worldwide population, 2.7 billion to be exact, have Internet… Read More

Bustle: Strong Enough For A Woman, Made by a Man

Bustle Made by a Man Can a man successfully create a website that’s targeted for women? Maybe; but Bryan Goldberg, founder and CEO of, might be succeeding where the site is concerned, though he has lost major points with his readers thanks to some controversial words. When Goldberg (co-founder of Bleacher Report) set up… Read More

A Trip Back In Internet History

A Trip Back In Internet History You know those little news segments like “This Day in History?” Well, Boing Boing runs a story entitled “This Day in Blogging History” each day. It’s fun to see the blog posts of news from cheap hosting site all around the Web from years ago. Let’s look at a… Read More

Cyberbullying: Who Should Be Held Accountable?

Cyberbullying Whether you run a simple Internet forum for like-minded individuals or a social media site like Myspace, bullying is an issue. Online, a bully can feel invincible, protected by the vast enormity of the worldwide Web. Confronting someone on the Internet is so much easier than doing it in person. Social networking site… Read More

SEA Hacks US Media Sites Via Third-Party Service

SEA Hacks US Media Sites Are you a regular reader of the Washington Post? Then you may have noticed things didn’t look quite right earlier in the week. Hackers were able to breach the dedicated hosting sites for The Washington Post, CNN, and Time by breaching the site for third-party service relied on by all… Read More

California: One Step Closer To Outlawing Revenge Porn

California: One Step Closer To Outlawing Revenge Porn It’s official: you’d better not start up a cheap hosting site where people can post nude pictures of exes and enemies in order to exact revenge. It’s on its way to becoming against the law, after the California State Senate passed a measure banning ‘revenge porn.’ The… Read More

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked Hacking of your cheap hosting website is a real threat, no matter who you are. That’s right, even the Dalai Lama has fallen victim. An expert is betting the viruses that are infecting all visitors were put there to keep watch on those human rights activists that frequent the website.… Read More

All About Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Have you heard about Google’s new Dynamic Remarketing strategy for your cheap hosting website? If you’re an online retailer, this is a great program. Users may feel differently! Let’s say you just looked at backpacks for the kids’ first day back at school. You clicked away to another site, and there are… Read More

Cheap Hosting Company Freedom Hosting

Freedom Hosting In case you missed our earlier story regarding the shutdown of hidden sites hosted by the anonymous and cheap hosting company Freedom Hosting, here’s the background: malicious Javascript code was found to be embedded in many of the sites hosted by Freedom Hosting, relying on the Tor network that keeps users’ identities completely… Read More

Latest News And Web Hosting Review Zendesk

Company Overview Your cheap hosting site needs a solid customer service solution. No matter how big your customer service department is or what your cheap hosting site is selling, you can put the power of cloud-based Zendesk to work for you! Over 30,000 companies around the world (Zappos, Box, Airbnb, Tumblr, Sony, and Groupon to name… Read More