How To Use Dropbox: A Simple Tutorial

How To Use Dropbox Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing services available. Not only does the company have a great marketing plan in place, but Dropbox’s reputation and services speak volumes. If you’re new to Dropbox, you may be wondering how you can get started – the good news is that it’s… Read More

ShareFile Security Stacks secure alternative to Dropbox

ShareFile Security Stacks Up to Dropbox Where there’s room for error, there’s room for competition. That’s what’s been happening in the file sharing realm lately, at least. When Dropbox reported that thousands of user passwords had been compromised a few months ago, Dropbox users began to look elsewhere – and just as those users were… Read More

Dropbox VS. Google Drive

Dropbox VS. Google Drive Which is Batter DropBox or Google Drive Dropbox and Google Drive are both excellent cloud storage options. Both are cloud-based and both offer many features. Not sure which one to use? Here’s a comparative look at both. Dropbox VS. Google Drive: Pricing and Price Details Both Dropbox and Google Drive are… Read More

15 Unknown Dropbox Tips

Dropbox Tips Think you know Dropbox? The cloud storage service is quite popular for file storage, but the site allows so much more than that. How is this possible? Dropbox gives developers the ability to submit apps and services just for Dropbox users. From hosting a website to streaming music, here are some handy Dropbox… Read More