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Think you know Dropbox? The cloud storage service is quite popular for file storage, but the site allows so much more than that.

How is this possible? Dropbox gives developers the ability to submit apps and services just for Dropbox users. From hosting a website to streaming music, here are some handy Dropbox tricks you may have never thought of.

Dropbox Tips: Phone Backup

dropbox-logo Dropbox TipsJust as iCloud exists for your Apple device, Dropbox can be used to backup your Android device. Simply use the free app DropSpace, and the entire contents of your device are stored in the event you lose important data or pictures, or your device ends up sitting out in the rain all night.

Dropbox Tips: Offline Viewing

There is this hilarious video you just can't wait to show your significant other, but you know that when you catch up with him or her later on, it will be at a restaurant with no internet connection available. No problem! Just tap the star to select the file as a favorite, and you'll be able to view it whether you have internet connection or not.

Dropbox Tips: Photo Backup

Just as with the entire contents of your Android device, Dropbox can back up the pictures automatically as well. Just connect your device to your computer, and as long as you have Dropbox on your PC, you'll be asked if you want these photos sent to Dropbox. With just one simple click, all of your photos are sent to Dropbox for storage.

Dropbox Tips: Share, Share, Share

Did you know you can share files with your friends? Use the Dropbox mobile app to share music or photos with your friends by tapping the chain link icon. Through your PC, you choose the file you'd like to share and click the chain link icon. Tap or click the “Email link” icon, and email away.

Dropbox Tips: My Documents

Lets say you get to school and realize you forgot to bring in your poetry paper that is due that day (kind of like my teenage daughter did yesterday.) If she had a Dropbox, she could have saved it there rather than the “My Documents” folder on her PC here at home. This would allow her instant access from a school PC, saving her from losing points towards her final grade.

All you need to do for this handy Dropbox trick is right-click on your Documents folder, choose “Properties,” and then specify the new file path on the “Location” tab.

Dropbox Tips: All Your Music In One Place

Of course, this depends on how much space you have available. If you can, it is handy to have your music backed up to Dropbox.

Dropbox Tips: Stream Music

From the desktop app on your PC, all you need to do is drag songs and drop them into your folder. That's all it takes to enjoy music anywhere, from any device linked up to your Dropbox.

Dropbox Tips: WordPress Backup

There is a WordPress-specific plugin available for download for your PC that will back up your entire blog called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. It may reside on your PC, but the data it collects goes to Dropbox.

Easily schedule your backups by selecting day, time, and how often you want the app to perform a backup. It's simple to choose exactly what files are being backed up, as well as what directory they'll be stored in on Dropbox. Support is provided by WordPress.

Dropbox Tips: Back Up Email Attachments

We've all deleted an email accidentally and then realized we need to access the attachments at a later date. If you make it a habit to clear your “Trash” folder often, you might have lost it forever. Not so if you have backed up all of your email attachments by choosing “send to Dropbox!” This service gives you a unique email address that is linked up to your Dropbox so you'll never lose an attachment again.

Dropbox Tips: DROPitTOme

If your email account won't allow you to send enormous files, use DROPitTOme. This handy service enables you to send and receive large files using Dropbox. Just create a unique upload address and choose a password.

Dropbox Tips: Dropbox File Protection

Use BoxCryptor to encrypt up to 5GB of your Dropbox for free. There are paid accounts offering additional sizes, up to $39.99 for an unlimited amount of data.

Dropbox Tips: Website Hosting

Yes, you can host a website through Dropbox with the Pancake IO app. It's easy: create a text file, drop it into the Pancake folder, and boom. Website. The app takes care of formatting for you, and supports Word, Excel, PDFs, PowerPoint, and images.

Dropbox Tips: PDF viewing in iBooks

Ever wanted to read a PDF document in iBooks? Well, if you've added PDFs to your Dropbox, all you have to do is open one on your iPad using the Dropbox app, choose the PDF file you'd like to read, and tap “Open In.” Choose iBooks, and enjoy swiping your way through the PDF!

Dropbox Tips: Keeping An Eye on Your Computer

Here's a great Dropbox tip to monitor activity on your home PC. Let's say you're downloading something big at home, but you have to go to work before it finishes. Just snag a screenshot tool (Screen Grabber and Snagit are pretty good) and an automation tool that will snap screenshots at predetermined intervals, and set these shots up to save to a synced folder. There is a great tutorial here for completing this process, which is great for not only checking the status of active downloads, but also ensuring no one is using your machine while you aren't there.

Dropbox Tips: Send Print Jobs

It may not occur often, but it does happen: you read a document somewhere, whether at work or on the subway, that you really want to print. Check out these instructions to make it happen, and enjoy coming home to a document all printed out for you.

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  • joy d'souza says:

    Dropbox Unveils API Version 2

    Dropbox has declared the release of Dropbox API v2. It includes the use of HTTP POST for most endpoints, Modified use of HTTP status codes for certain errors, the Dropbox API v2 will always produce a 409 status code with more detail in the response body. Previously,similar failed requests could produce a variety of 4xx status code.Deprecation of OAuth 1.0 support. The v2 API will require use of OAuth 2.0. Company created several v2 endpoints available for developers to experiment with. Three kinds of endpoints: RPC-style endpoints where responses bodies are JSON, upload-style endpoints in which bulk data sent and JSON is produced and download-style endpoints where GET method used and response contains bulk binary data.

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