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best web hosting brokersWe've said it many times: there are many choices when it comes to hosting providers, but each one offers plans a little different than the rest. This is a good thing, as no one web site is like another. Everyone has different needs, and it takes a variety of hosting companies to cater to each and every one.

Your hosting company is unique, even if it's very similar to that of another hosting company. So how do you find the right buyer? Maybe you're happy to take the best offer that comes across the table. But the problem here: a lot of buyers won't agree that your company is worth what you're asking. Unless you can pitch your company with perfection, convincing the buyer they must have your cheap hosting company at any cost, you'll find negotiation is key.

But how are you at negotiating? If the answer is “Not very good,” you might want to consider a web hosting brokers to deal with all aspects of selling your cheap hosting company.

Web Hosting Brokers: Determine The Value

To begin, you need to determine what the value of your web hosting company is in the first place. But how do you put a price on it, anyway? It's more than just how many websites you host and how successful your business is on paper. Things like SEO, performance statistics, hosting package offerings, the reputation of your company, and even the types of customers you host, all play a part in the final valuation.

Once you've determined the value, it's time to contact potential web hosting brokers. Here are some good choices:

  1. Host Buyout: web hosting brokers – This website does a few different things. First of all, you can choose to purchase a hosting company or ISP. You'll register with the site and start receiving a weekly listing of companies for sale, which HostBuyOut guarantees as valid. They help you through the process, all the way to the execution of a sales contract. Secondly, the site gives sellers assistance with the selling process. They promote your listing, provide escrow services and sample documents, and even help you value your business effectively, all for 7% of the final sale price, a minimum of $500. Their online valuation tool is free to use, giving you an idea of whether or not your expectations are realistic.
  2. Cheval Capital: web hosting brokers – While this investment broker has done deals in a variety of industries, their main focus is Internet-related. They even did business for Rackspace! They will deal with each and every component of the sale, including valuation, adding your company to the weekly list of companies available for sale. This list is purchased by interested buyers, and Cheval's website lists the number of those subscribing to this list as “several hundred.”
  3. The Host Broker: web hosting brokers – This service is run by eBridge Marketing, and just like with the other two companies, provides a weekly list of web hosting companies for sale to interested parties. They provide you a free valuation, and act as a negotiator through the entire process. They've been doing business for 8 years, and their website includes customer testimonials that proclaim them helpful and professional.
  4. iMerge Advisors: web hosting brokers – In business since 2001, this company sells all kinds of hosting companies, including cloud hosting. Just like the other brokers, they take more than just what you make into account when placing a value on your company. They'll even help you decide if selling is a wise decision!

Do you need the help of a web hosting brokers to sell web hosting company? Have you worked with any of these companies in the past? Tell us about your experience!

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