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thinkhostThinkHost web hosting company is among the few companies that offer 100% green web hosting services. The company' servers are powered by only wind and sun energy. Their hosting also supports all the latest technologies in the hosting industry. The company was founded in the year 1999 and aims at offering great hosting services with 100% up time at the same time 100% green web hosting. The company has steadily grown in the industry since it was started all the while maintaining a good reputation as a reliable and trustworthy web host.

Think host is not offering services and domain is with dream host


The company has maintained a good reputation in the hosting industry since its inception in 1999. It is among the leaders in the hosting industry that offer green web hosting and is technologically savvy, handling all the leading technologies in the hosting industry.


Thinkhost web hosting company offers great hosting services that are feature-rich along with good customer care support at affordable prices. ThinkHost web hosting company only has one hosting plan. Some of the features of its hosting include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts and MySQL databases. On top of that, clients also get some free add-on's such as free shopping cart, content management software, photo gallery, forum software, free site builder and web design templates, anti Spam and virus filtering systems along with free blog software. Several programming languages are further more supported by their hosting:PHP 5,CGI,Ruby on Ralis, Microsoft Front Page Perl and Python. In their state of the art data centers, the company uses high performance Unix servers that have UPS back up power along with back up generators. These are but some of the features that ThinkHost web hosting company has to offer their clients as there are many others.


The company also offers their clients a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% which ensures that their servers are running throughout the the day and night. The technical team is made up of expert engineers in the hosting industry who tirelessly work to look after the technical needs of the company's clients. The speed of their hosting is another plus that goes along way in making their hosting services reliable. The company further uses Unix based servers in their data centers which are very high performance servers and thus offer high quality web hosting services.


Their hosting supports all the latest technologies in the industry and on top of that offers a network up time of up to 99% ensuring that their servers are always running. Thinkhost web hosting services a re-further more very affordable to people from all over the world. The technical team and customer care desk are furthermore always available when the clients need any kind of support.

Customer service

Customer care is available to their clients 24/7, regardless of what time of day or night it is. The customer care desk can be reached via e-mail, live support or via telephone and their response time to clients problems and queries is recommendable and very fast, making their customer support reliable and fast when catering to clients needs.

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