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The Polurnet web hosting company entered the web hosting industry back in the year 2004 and has steadily grown to become a web host to reckon with. The company has been active in the industry in offering a variety of web hosting services to people from all parts of the world. The company operates from three data centers across the U.S; one in Washington DC, another in Dallas and the final one is in Seattle. The company' s headquarters are however located in Canada.

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In the hosting industry, Polurnet web hosting has earned itself a reputation as a hosting company that offers great up time statistics, great customer care and a very supportive and responsive technical support team. The company' s hosting is further more feature rich, high quality and thus high performing and speedy.


The Polurnet web hosting company offers their clients an undisputed network up time of up to 99.95%, thus their servers are never off-line. Polurnet hosting offers clients different web solutions :

  • Multi-Domain (Shared) Hosting
  • Multi-Account (Reseller) Hosting
  • ASP.Net Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Registrations

Polurnet hosting clients can further more choose between a WHM v11 control panel and a cPanel control panel. More so, their hosting comes with ready-to-install scripts from Fantastico Deluxe for instance; Joomla, phpBB, WordPress and many others. Its control panel more so has a RVSkin Multilingual Control Panel Skin which gives it an intuitive thus personal touch in the client's language.The company's hosting further more supports Python, Perl, PHP 5.2.14 and MySQL 5.1.51. They offer Linux based hosting as they use a Linux based OS, Cent-OS 5x. PolurNet Also Provide VPS hosting, Dedicated servers Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting.


Polurnet web hosting company employs powerful Quad-Core Dual Intel Xeon Nehalem Servers in their three data centers which ensures that the hosting they offer clients is of high quality and powerful in terms of performance. Furthermore, the company offers their clients daily data back up to ensure that their data is secure everyday. On top of that, the OS they use coupled with other features ensure that their hosting is reliable and very fast.


The Polurnet web hosting company offers their clients a network up time guarantee of up to 99.9% to ensure that client web sites will be up and running throughout the day and night. On top of that, they use the latest and cutting edge technology to ensure their hosting is quality in terms of dependency and speed.

Customer service

Polur .net can also be reached round the clock and respond very fast to various technical needs that clients may raise.

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