Web Hosting Companies Offering Support on Twitter

6 Examples of Web Hosting Companies Offering Support on Twitter

Whenever your website has an issue, whether it’s loading slowly or not responding at all, you want support. And you want it immediately. Of course, there are times that you can’t stop what you’re doing to call the support number, sit on hold forever, and then go over the problem in-depth. Maybe you’re at work and the website in question is personal, at a conference with back-to-back sessions, or on vacation.

This is where Twitter comes in. In less than a minute, you can alert your hosting company to a problem with your website. It’s a great alternative for companies that do not have live chat or people who need support while on a mobile device that can’t call.

WebHosting Companies Supporting Customers on Twitter

Without further ado, let’s look at six examples of how top web hosting companies are handing support requests on Twitter along with a sample of what you can expect if you tweet them.


I like to start with GoDaddy simply because I received excellent Twitter support from them in the past. They use their main account (@GoDaddy) for support inquiries. All it took was a quick, “Hey @GoDaddy my website (kikolani.com) is down.” And I received a response within an hour. They will even follow you so they can use direct private messaging to relay sensitive information.

Here’s a little sample of their interactions with customers.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @GoDaddy account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.


HostGator has a separate Twitter account (@HGSupport) for support inquiries. You can start by either tweeting their main account (@HostGator) or their support account, and they will reply with the support account.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @HGSupport account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.


Bluehost uses a separate account (@bluehostsupport) for customer support. You can start by either tweeting their main account (@bluehost) or their support account, and they will reply with the support account.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @bluehostsupport account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.

Network Solutions

Some companies use Twitter support as a means of letting people know about other support options. While Network Solutions does offer some support on their Twitter account (@netsolcares), most of their replies include a link to their online support ticket system or phone number.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @netsolcares account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.


Fatcow primarily offers support from their main account (@FatCow). While they do have a dedicated support handle on Twitter (@FatCowSupport), it doesn’t seem to be very active. Their main account is, however.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @fatcow account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.


Rackspace tries to head off support requests by adding alternative support information in their main Twitter bio (@Rackspace) pointing users to their support email or live chat. You can still see that they do offer response to inquiries as well.


You can see more of their interactions by looking at the @Rackspace account. To see a particular support chat in detail, click the View Conversation link below the chat.

Tips for Getting Web Hosting Support on Twitter

So how can you ensure you get the best Twitter support with your web hosting company? Here are some tips.

  • If you’re shopping for a web hosting company, visit their Twitter accounts first to see if they are actively replying to support inquiries. When you visit their Twitter profile, make sure to show all tweets – some popular profiles default to no replies – so you can see whether they are responding to people. If you don’t see replies from their main Twitter account, look for a support account, often noted in the Twitter bio or on the background image of their Twitter page.
  • Follow your web hosting company on Twitter – both their main account and support account (if applicable). Keep both usernames handy.
  • When you tweet your web hosting company, be succinct and detailed about your problem. Include the domain(s) affected.
  • Don’t share sensitive information (account logins, passwords, etc.) as your tweets are public.
  • Be on the lookout for replies from your web hosting company and answer any questions they may have that will help them solve the problem.

Last, but not least, remember that not all inquiries can be handled on Twitter due to the 140-character limit. Consider this a starting point for support. Sometimes it can alert the support team to a problem they can fix on your own, saving you time spent holding on the phone or waiting for a live chat operator to become available. But be aware that other times, it could be just the start of the conversation.

How does your web hosting company do with support on Twitter? Please share your experiences in the comments!

Latest News and Hosting Review HostMetro

Hosting Review HostMetro

Hosting Review HostMetro – Company Intorduction

Name Price Uptime Price Visit Now
Hostmetro.com $2.45 /mo 99.9% $2.45 /mo Visit Now

Hosting Review HostMetro

HostMetro is a company that deals with web hosting services for quite a time now. They also offer services for domain registration for medium to small business. This company has been well known for years for its contribution to internet marketing. In fact they make marketing and all kinds of promotional activities easier for its customers. It has its base in Illinois and has a track record of providing the best of assistance in regards to hosting services.

Establishment: 2003

Headquarters: Elk Grove Village, offers full redundancy in power, fire suppression, network connectivity and security. Its' infrastructure includes multiple 10Gb/s connections for faster and reliable server speeds. Its all servers powered by Dual Quad-core Intel Processors with 96GB of RAM and RAID protected storage and My SQL data base servers.

Data Center: It includes multiple biometric and badge authentication points, non-stop video surveillance to protect hardware.

Hosting Review HostMetro – Services Offered

Web Hosting Plans: business Max, business hosting and Mega max hosting

Hosting Review HostMetro – Customers

No. of Customers: 50000+ customers

What for Customers?

  • Providing top quality support for client satisfaction
  • Reliable and affordable service
  • Easy to create, manage, and maintain your website and hosting account
  • offers user friendly features in an interface which is simple to understand and easy to run a website
  • Provide discount coupons from time to time
  • Maintains a one to one relationship with its customers
  • Gives maximum storage facility and good level of bandwidth
  • Includes industry leading technologies like Cloud Linux, cPanel, CloudFlare
  • Take automatic, weekly backups of all hosting accounts.

Uptime: 100%

Support: 24.7.365 by excellent technical team

Money-back Guarantee: 45-days

HostMetro Customer Service And Other

Another point that has to be revealed while talking about HostMetro is that it has succeeded in creating in a name for itself as a customer delight company. That is correct it provides excellent customer service. As a matter of fact it has a very professional yet warm customer service team that is available 24/7. In addition to this it also has a good technical support team. They provide its customers the best of technical assistance and are pleasant to talk to as well. They also have a love chat service that can also help customers whenever there is a need. This is why customers of this company are rendered very satisfactory services with a friendly touch. This ensures that they keep getting returning customers as well as good referrals through them.

Moreover they have never compromised on quality for all these years. This is one aspect that has helped them to last long in this trade for sure. The quality of services they provide and the kind of attention they bestow on their customers makes it worth working with them. Talking about quality of services like creating, managing, and maintaining websites brings us to one more point of discussion; that of world class services. Yes this company is one where one can find all of this under one roof. They offer quality services with outstanding services. This certainly is a pointer that adds up to quality and makes quite significant.

A little has to be cited about the affiliate program that HostMetro runs. It is very different from the rest of the affiliate sites. It is very interesting to know that they offer $100 per referral by their affiliates! They even have special reward schemes for high performing affiliates who offer a minimum of 15 referrals a month. Of course this needs a special mention as this is a distinctive feature of this company. In reality these are small ways of representing the fact that they work in a very competitive environment. This is a positive competitive feeling that brings out the best in all of their employees.

In the end it has to be stated that HostMetro is a great company to work with. They provide all kinds of support that a customer may need. They leave no stones unturned and they rest assured it has to be added that it is quite an experience to work with them. So why not give them a chance to host your personal blog or your website and see the difference for yourself!

HostMetro Specifications

HostMetro Companies Features:
Uptime Guarantee:
Marketing Credits:
$100 Google Adwords Credit
Hosting Platform:
Money Back Guarantee:
45 Days
Auto Backups:
Order Now:
Products Offered:
Domain Registration:
Dedicated IP:
Cloud Server:
Cloud Shared Hosting:
Reseller Hosting:
Shared Hosting:
VPS Hosting:
Dedicated Server:
SSL Certificate:
Maximum Emails Per Hours:
200 /hr
Spam Filters:
Live Chat:
Phone Support:
Ticket System:
Additional Support:
Language Support:
CGI-BIN, PHP Support, SSI, Cron Jobs
Order Now:


Webhosting services from One.com

Introduction of One.com

one.comOne.com started out in the year 2002 in Denmark; initially the company started out small with limited operations. Today the company has emerged as one of the biggest companies on the European continent and the company provides flawless services in the field of web hosting and domain names. The company was founded by Jacob Jensen. In the current business scenario the company has over 1 million customers in more than 150 countries. The company employs more than 150 people. The company has a good financial foundation to meet the various challenges in the near future.

In order to be as competitive as possible on all markets, both in relation to private and business customers, One.com has registered companies in Denmark and Dubai. The company also has offices in Holland, United Kingdom and Germany. The company opened an office in Dubai as the IT sector is developing really fast in the country so the company wanted to utilize this growth as much as possible. The company has support and engineering divisions in Denmark and Dubai and offers services in various languages such as Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Dutch, German, Danish and English.

One.com: Reputation of the company

The reputation of one.com has been built through the various awards that the company has won over the last few years. The company won the Editors choice award in the year 2009; the jury for said that the company provides fantastic services at a very reasonable price. The company again won another award in June 2009 in UK as a company that provides good budget website hosting services.

One.com: Customer service

The company has always seemed to challenge the conventional methods of web-hosting. The company provides strong support to the customers round the clock. The customers can get in touch with an executive on the company's toll free number.

Customers can even get in touch with a representative to upgrade services or to avail some other service.

One.com: Reliability

One.com ranks first when it comes to reliability as the company uses state of the art technology in providing web hosting services to the customers. The company makes sure that the website experiences uptime always. The cloud drive feature is a part of the any package that you sign up with this company. With this technology customers can have access to pretty much any file they want from anywhere.

One.com: Customer support

As mentioned earlier that the company has more than 1 million customers to cater to. So the company tries to provide the best services very promptly and without charging any extra costs. Most of the packages offered by the company allow the customers to avail facilities such as data transfer and multiple email ids. The customers also have the chance to avail the web editor and gallery facilities.

One.com: The vision of the company

Right from the start the company aimed at providing services that are user friendly and flexible for professionals and for people who are just starting out.

So if you have not subscribed to one.com you should get right to it

Latest News And Web Hosting Review ReadyHosting

Company Introduction

readyhostingReadyHosting web hosting company specializes in offering Windows based web hosting services. The company was started way back in the year 1997, and has been able to steadily grow at the same time create and maintain a good reputation in the industry as a very reliable web host. Regardless of other companies joining the industry every now and then, they are yet to get to Ready host's hosting services standards. The company has been able to steadily grow in the industry as well as maintain the standards that they set on founding the company.

Ready hosting is a leader in windows shared hosting and it is serving its customers since 1997. With proven years of experience Ready Hosting is using latest software. It has the skills & technology that connects a customer online speedily. It is simple to employ, customer focused & reliable. It provides round the clock support & facilities in affordable price. An individual or entrepreneur Ready Hosting is for all of them.

Visit ReadyHosting Now


The ReadyHosting web hosting company has maintained a great reputation in the industry as a very reliable web host for Windows- based hosting services. Since it joined the hosting industry, the company has been able to offer high quality, reliable, speedy and great performing thus dependable hosting services to clients from all over the world, thus maintaining its reputation.


The basic features that ReadyHosting offers clients include: ASP.NET 2.0/3.0 with AJAX, Frontpage extensions, CGI library, PHP among others, ColdFusion Support, e-commerce ready, has a customizable control panel, unlimited mail boxes, web site statistics and custom error pages along with many other features. The ReadyHosting web hosting company has three hosting plans: the one hosting plan, the windows advanced plan and the ready commerce plan. These plans have some similar features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlimited mail boxes, FTP access and ASP support and web stats. The one hosting plan has 5 MySQL databases, web based mail, Cold Fusion and supports Front Page extensions 2003. the other hosting plan, windows advanced plan comes with up to 10 MySQL and MS SSL databases and supports Cold Fusion. The ready commerce plans comes ready with 20MySQl and 20 MY SSL support along with the other features that these plans share.

Reliability & Performance

Ready Hosting offers various reliable facilities & support to its customers. It provides support for generally used web application & its development tool. It uses cold fusion & other software to give Industry familiar web environment & consistent tools with reliable services.

The company's hosting has been rated as feature-rich high quality and speedy, thus very reliable. On top of that, the company' sup time statistics are great as they offer up to99.9% network up time. This means that their servers are never off line and thus client web sites are always up and running all day and night.

Customer service

The technical team and the customer care desk at ReadyHosting web hosting are ever at the clients disposal, regardless of what time of day or night it is. Clients thus get round the clock customer and technical support to adequately cater to their problems. They employ only the best staff to look after their clients thus clients get the best.

Best Linux Hosting Providers

Hosting Plans

Ready Hosting is having variety of plans for everyone. They have experienced & skill based Windows team who continuously explore new and innovative solutions to keep their customers to use latest technology in affordable price. Ready Hosting have three different plans named- One Plan, Windows advanced & Ready commerce. All plans are with additional features like online control panel, website statistics, front page extension, Google webmaster tools etc. With general support like 24/7 Email support, world class data centre etc. Their One Plan Windows Hosting solution give the tools needed to get the job done including 99%+ uptime and engaged customer support.

Features and Control Panel

Ready Hosting with windows shared hosting tells about each & every technology in detail & how to utilize it. It consists of understanding web hosting, managing domain name, configuring Email, designing website, online selling etc. Control Panel makes it easy to manage website. Simple site deluxe tool make it simple to build website.


There is a proper guide provided to use Ready Hosting.com. Additional 24/7 contact support via Email, chat or phone according to convenience is provided.


There are lots of benefits of using Ready Hosting. It is a Windows based company with ease to use, customer focussed & reliable with variety of plans & services.


Refund policy is not clear.

Refund Policy

Contact numbers & Email for support is provided on company website. There after filling form whole information about refund policy will be provided.


Ready Hosting is the easy-to-use, customer-focused and reliable shared hosting company focusing on a range of Windows-based plans and services. With various advance features & support it is ready to use for any one whether it’s individual or entrepreneur.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review Thinkhost

Company Introduction

thinkhostThinkHost web hosting company is among the few companies that offer 100% green web hosting services. The company' servers are powered by only wind and sun energy. Their hosting also supports all the latest technologies in the hosting industry. The company was founded in the year 1999 and aims at offering great hosting services with 100% up time at the same time 100% green web hosting. The company has steadily grown in the industry since it was started all the while maintaining a good reputation as a reliable and trustworthy web host.

Think host is not offering services and domain is with dream host


The company has maintained a good reputation in the hosting industry since its inception in 1999. It is among the leaders in the hosting industry that offer green web hosting and is technologically savvy, handling all the leading technologies in the hosting industry.


Thinkhost web hosting company offers great hosting services that are feature-rich along with good customer care support at affordable prices. ThinkHost web hosting company only has one hosting plan. Some of the features of its hosting include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts and MySQL databases. On top of that, clients also get some free add-on's such as free shopping cart, content management software, photo gallery, forum software, free site builder and web design templates, anti Spam and virus filtering systems along with free blog software. Several programming languages are further more supported by their hosting:PHP 5,CGI,Ruby on Ralis, Microsoft Front Page Perl and Python. In their state of the art data centers, the company uses high performance Unix servers that have UPS back up power along with back up generators. These are but some of the features that ThinkHost web hosting company has to offer their clients as there are many others.


The company also offers their clients a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% which ensures that their servers are running throughout the the day and night. The technical team is made up of expert engineers in the hosting industry who tirelessly work to look after the technical needs of the company's clients. The speed of their hosting is another plus that goes along way in making their hosting services reliable. The company further uses Unix based servers in their data centers which are very high performance servers and thus offer high quality web hosting services.


Their hosting supports all the latest technologies in the industry and on top of that offers a network up time of up to 99% ensuring that their servers are always running. Thinkhost web hosting services a re-further more very affordable to people from all over the world. The technical team and customer care desk are furthermore always available when the clients need any kind of support.

Customer service

Customer care is available to their clients 24/7, regardless of what time of day or night it is. The customer care desk can be reached via e-mail, live support or via telephone and their response time to clients problems and queries is recommendable and very fast, making their customer support reliable and fast when catering to clients needs.

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