Link Your Blog to Your Google Plus Profile

Link Your Blog to Your Google Plus ProfileThe blogging world is buzzing with news of Google Plus lately. Google's social media network is really starting to pick up, and bloggers are using this to their advantage. This is why you keep seeing small photos next to various blogs when you conduct a Google search.

How do you get your photo next to blog posts? Is there a simple way to become Google Verified? Guess what? It's not that hard to do. Let's set up a Google Verified account.

Setting Up a Google Verified Account

1. First, you'll have to add some code to your site. Don't worry, though, it's not hard to add this code!


Add this code to the header section of your site. Once that's done, you can move to the second step.

2. Make sure that your current Google Plus profile for your business is connected to your own G+ profile. To do this, go to your G+ profile and list your current blog beneath the sites that you write for (under ‘contributors').

3. The last thing that you have to do is make sure that the world can see what you're putting out. This can't happen if all of your Google Plus posts are private. Change your settings to public, and make sure that all of the posts you send out are public. This way, everyone can see the great things that you are writing!

Now: Great Content

Once that's all set up and ready to go, you just have to wait for Google to connect your site to your Google Plus account. This shouldn't take too long. Soon, your photo should show up next to any post that you create when conducting a Google search. But, remember that you still have to create amazing content in order for Google to pay attention to your site or for your site traffic to increase.

Why does Google put so much weight in Google Plus profiles? Well, this one should make some good sense. Google wants its own social network to stand out, and that's why content that is attached to Google Plus profiles gets the most traffic recognition from Google.

Link Your Blog to Your Google Plus Profile: Other Blogging Tips

So, until Google goes down or another search engine takes over, Google Plus is where you want to share your site content. Setting you Google Verification isn't hard to do, thankfully, and it takes just a few moments to connect all of it together. Do you want to make sure that your blog is connected to Google Plus? Absolutely.

For now, Google Verification is the way to go. This might change in the very near future, but right now Google is the way to go. If you need some help setting up your Google Plus account or linking that account to your website content, let me know. One last tip: it's also a really good idea to link your blog to a writer that already has some great credentials – this way, people that read your blog give your posts more credit!

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