Steps to Remove Broken Links in WordPress
fixing wordpress links Remove Broken Links in WordPressBroken links on a blog can really mess up your site traffic. Keeping on top of your blog is something that you have to do regularly – kind of like cleaning your home. Broken links are bound to happen, but if you stay on top of your blog well enough, nobody visiting your site should have to see an ‘Error 404' message.

If you're using WordPress to run your site, here's what you need to know about removing all of those busted up links (Remove Broken Links in WordPress).

How to Remove Broken Links in WordPress

  1. Change a URL. Sometimes, a URL simply doesn't work. When this happens, the best thing to do is to change that URL. If you can't make this work, go to the next step (or if your page no longer exists at all).
  2. Got a broken link inside of a text? Simply remove the link from the text. This shouldn't bother your current content at all.
  3. Install the Broken Link Checker plug-in. Read below to see how this handy plugin works.

Remove Broken Links in WordPress: Broken Link Checker

There's a really handy plug-in out there called ‘Broken Link Checker.' This plugin will scan your entire site, list the links that are broken, and then will give you a few options to change the situation. Directly from the broken URL page, you will see editing options (Remove Broken Links in WordPress).

You can edit a URL right from the scan page, take a look at the content that contains the broken URL, and perform various bulk options like fixing a bunch of broken links at once and fixing redirects. You can also set up this plug-in to scan your site periodically for broken links. It's really frustrating when a site visitor lands on a page that no longer works. Make sure that this doesn't happen by checking all of your broken links.

Remove Broken Links in WordPress: Why Links Break

Sometimes it's easy to delete a page or move a page and not remember to fix a link on another page that was related to the deleted page. Other times, pages simply don't load for various reasons. Either way, visitors to your site are likely to become frustrated when trying to gain information that can't be found.

While it can be time consuming, running the Broken Link plug-in will help you clean up your website quickly. Plus, you can ensure that your site will run smoothly whenever you manage to snag a new visitor. Broken links are part of managing a blog or running a cheap hosting website, but it's also a part that you can fix with ease. When it comes to WordPress, finding and fixing broken links is simple (Remove Broken Links in WordPress).

Need help to Remove Broken Links in WordPress? Not sure how to fix something on your site? Let us know!

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