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Write a Video ScriptFor a while, it seemed like the Internet world was moving away from content and towards video. Now, it's clear that a combination of the two is what most people want to see. Should you put videos on your site? If so, how many videos should you add, and what should those videos say?

There are a lot of great storyboard programs out there that will help you put a script together. It's okay if you're not Shakespeare, and that's why those programs exist. But – if you dare go it solo, you can still put together a decent script.

Write a Video Script – Here are some good steps to take:

  1. Think about your audience first.
  2. What do those people want to see?
  3. Next, write down your current elevator pitch.
  4. What are you selling?
  5. Tell people about the problem that you are trying to solve.
  6. Paint a picture.

That last one is really important. Videos are not like web pages, so you have to really tell a story. If you're great at storytelling, this shouldn't be a problem for you. If not, you may want to hire a professional writer to craft your script for you. Either way, make sure that your script isn't boring.

That brings me to my next point: timing.

Write a Video Script – How Long Should It Be?

Realistically, you aren't going to get a lot of viewers if your video is more than sixty seconds long – and that's pushing it. Some people don't want to watch a video that's more than thirty seconds long. So, somewhere between thirty to sixty seconds is the way to go.

If not sure about the length of the script after turned into a video. So, set a timer and read through your script slowly. Take a few seconds between each sentence to pause, so that the people listening to your video can clearly understand. What most noteworthy it is you're trying to say. If your script sounds boring to you – imagine what it will sound like to someone listening to it!

Write a Video Script: Test, Test, Test

Your script isn't going to be perfect the first time. You may love the video that you create now and hate it when you watch it a few times. That's okay! You can always adjust your video as you go along. The important thing is that you get your point across clearly.

Does every site need to have a video? It's really not a bad idea at all. Even if you're just selling cheap hosting plans, a video is a great way to capture a lot of attention. Do you have to have a video on every single page? No. In fact, you shouldn't overcrowd your site because too many videos will slow down your overall load time. So, keep it simple; get your point across, and put videos where you need them.

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Questions? Need some help making a video? Just ask!

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