social site toolsSocial media is a lot tougher than it seems – really! Unfortunately, you are going to have to dip your tentative toes into those social media waters if you want to get any brand or company recognition. Thankfully, there are some good tools out there that can help.

Here are the ten best social media tools available:

1. Sprout Social : this tool is useful because of the way that data is presented. Sprout Social offers up data in graphic form, and it's relatively easy to take a quick peek at this information, and figure out what you need to do. You can also see specific details when using Sprout Social.

2. HootSuite : no social media tool list could be complete without HootSuite. This tool has largely monopolized the social media scene for good reason. HootSuite is easy to use. Forget about logging in and out of various social media accounts daily. HootSuite lets you do it all from one clean dashboard. You can also see who's been viewing your site or mentioning you name through social media channels with HootSuite.

3. Social Mention : this tool is straightforward enough — if your name is mentioned via social media, you can find it using Social Mention. That's simple, right?

4. Engag .io : if you want to learn more about the people you communicate with via social media, this is the tool for you. Engag .io lets you see information about the people you are talking with, and learn all about what makes those people tick. This way, you can really become, well, engaged in the conversation. You can also keep track of whether or not you responded to a social media post by using this tool.

How to Find the Right Tool

Honestly? I say, sign up for a bunch of these tools, and then let customer sales reps pitch to you. Let them call you and talk you through each possible option, and see which tool speaks to your business the best. All of these tools offer a free trial version, so you can take advantage of that option to try a tool out to see what will work for your company or brand.

The idea is to find a tool that you can use easily, that provides data that makes good sense, and will let you see what you need to see quickly. Tools that confuse will just give you a headache, and that's not where you want to be at all. Also, look for tools that you can set up via mobile or through sites like WordPress if you are going that route. Remember: the simpler the better when it comes to social media tools!

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