Cloud Hosting Options

Cloud Hosting Options

Cloud Hosting Options War Things are getting crowded up in the cloud. Three of the biggest companies on the planet are now vying for cloud space. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all want to be your cloud provider. Out of these three, Microsoft and Google are aggressively attacking Amazon. Which one is the best and what's the difference?

Breaking Down the Cloud Hosting Options

Security is the number one cloud concern. So far, Amazon has had the most press when it comes to security, though it's not the good kind. Through no real fault of its own, Amazon has recently been in the news thanks to a lack of cloud security. Google has largely gone under the radar, and Microsoft does what it can to keep cloud accounts safe. Is Amazon less safe than the other two? Not necessarily.

Amazon's cloud hosting options are just well-known, and Amazon is a massive company. So, when things go wrong at Amazon, the world knows about it. It's also hard to forget what Amazon is selling to the cloud world. What's that? Namely, the company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) — services that Microsoft and Google are trying to downplay.

Startups: Where Microsoft and Google Thrive

Small businesses like Google, and some even like Microsoft. This is especially true with technology startups. Trying to appeal to these companies, Microsoft and Google often point out Amazon's shortcomings. But, Amazon isn't losing out here. Amazon is appealing to some of Microsoft and Google's biggest clients.

Amazon has been targeting Microsoft and Google's largest clines by offering those clients AWS services. Some companies have made the switch, while others still prefer what Google and Amazon offer. Each company, in turn, is also trying to snatch up employees from competing companies. If this sounds like a fight to the death, you've got it right. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all ferociously competing for your cloud dollars.

So, Which Cloud Hosting Options Should You Trust?

Amazon was really the first of these three to make it to the cloud hosting realm. As such, this company has plenty of experience under its belt, lots of cloud hosting options, and an amazing amount of engineers work on cloud development issues. That said, Amazon has had some privacy problems as of late, though all PR problems were handled well.

Google is, well, Google. Even though Google's main focus is on search engines, this company always serves its clients well. Google has nudged its way into the cloud space, and it's doing very well at the moment. Google also offers competitive pricing and plenty of cloud hosting options.

Lastly, Microsoft. Microsoft does stack up well to Google and Amazon. Microsoft has a unique spin on cloud hosting too, which largely stems from the company's Windows background. Really, all three companies have something unique to offer. Most start-ups and small business owners tend to go with one over the other based on each company's philosophy. Google tends to have the “small company” reputation while Amazon is the larger of the three (or so it seems).

To compare all three companies, consider security options combined with hosting prices. Setting up a cloud account with any of these companies is still less expensive than any internal hosting option.

Some Other Best Cloud Hosting Options

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vps-net USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Europe
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uk2 .net London, UK
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  • Barbara Marlo says:

    Microsoft has adopted first international cloud privacy standard. The British Standards Institute (BSI) has verified that in Microsoft Azure, both office 365 and dynamics CRM online are combined with the standard’s code of practice. It will provide protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in the public cloud. By this cloud standard; customers will be able to control their data. Data will not be used for advertising and inform customers about government access to data. Enterprise customers increasingly have their own privacy compliance obligations.

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