Cloud Hosting Provider Battle: Apple Wins, Second Place Might Surprise You

Cloud Hosting Provider Battle When it comes to your video and music content, who’s your cloud-hosting provider? If you’re like the twenty-seven percent of cloud storage clients in the U.S., it’s Apple’s iCloud. Why so much iCloud love? It’s all about the sweet, sweet, music, it seems. People go where the digital media is. So,… Read More

Google, Microsoft or Amazon? Cloud Hosting Options

Cloud Hosting Options Cloud Hosting Options War Things are getting crowded up in the cloud. Three of the biggest companies on the planet are now vying for cloud space. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all want to be your cloud provider. Out of these three, Microsoft and Google are aggressively attacking Amazon. Which one is the… Read More

News: Thousands of Amazon Accounts Are Public

Amazon Accounts Something very big happened in the cloud hosting world today. A privacy researcher by the name of Will Vandervanter was doing his job when he discovered something big: thousands of Amazon cloud accounts are accidentally public. How could such a thing happen? As it turns out, Amazon cloud users have to make sure… Read More