choosing_domain_nameSelecting a domain name is kind of like selecting the name of your company. The name that you choose has to be catchy, stand out, and really make people think. If you're currently in the process of choosing a domain name, take a look at these 8 essential tips.

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8 Ways to Choose a Domain Name

  1. Can you spell it? You may think it's a great idea to select a name that sounds complicated, but if people can't spell that name, they probably won't remember it. Or, worse, they will frequently misspell it – and that kind of typo means that many users will never find your site.
  2. Consider your name. Do you have a catchy name? Something that's hard to forget? If you plan on creating a brand for yourself, you may want to simply turn your whole name into your domain. Again, keep that spelling factor in mind!
  3. Skip the hyphens. Hyphenated names are never a great choice. Why? It's simply too hard to forget this kind of a name. Instead of using a hyphen, think about spelling a name straight. Most of the time, the hyphen will just get in the way of people remembering where your site is located.
  4. Be sure your name doesn't already exist. You may not find another URL that shares your domain name, but what about other sites? Is the name you're thinking about already in use on social or other sites? If so, this might not be a great choice. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time really getting your brand out.
  5. Make sure your domain name has something to do with what you're selling. may sound great (it's taken, by the way!), but if you're selling coffee it's probably not the best idea.
  6. Don't confuse people with extensions. Love the idea of putting a .uk at the end of your domain? If you are based in the UK, go for it. Based in the USA? Don't just choose a .uk extension. See how that goes?
  7. Choose a great web hosting company. Don't go with a cheap hosting company that gives you a generic domain name. You'll want to purchase your own domain name. Otherwise, that hosting company may just legally own the name that you choose.
  8. Ask around. Ask your friends and family members what they think of the name you are considering. If the response is negative from many different people, your domain may need a lot of work.

Need help picking a domain name? It can be tough finding a domain name that really works on all levels. Let us know what names you are considering, and we will help you out. Or, just post the name you are thinking about below, and we'll let you know what we think.

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