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visit coolhandleThe internet is a pretty cool place to find almost anything you want but however if you are looking for Coolhandle review then you should know that there are websites that have various opinions on the company and at the end of the day it can leave you very confused. So this article was written with the sole purpose of clearing all you confusion so that you can judge whether you want to sign up with this company or not.

Services provided to the customers

The company offers pretty cool services in to the customers. The company has three plans that the customer can choose from. The pro plan, business plan and starter plan which are priced at $12.95, $10.95 and $4.95 per month respectively. These are the current prices in the market; to keep an eye on the price changes you will need to keep checking the official website to stay updated.

In addition to the great prices the customers also get a number of cool services such as unlimited disk space, unlimited  bandwidth, a domain name for free, site builder tools for free and unlimited FTP accounts. The users are also given features such as web based email and spam mail assassin.

E-commerce website owners will find the services very useful as they will be provided with PGP Encryption, SSH Access, Shared SSL, Shop Site and os Commerce. The users are also provided with certain software plugins such as MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Mailing List, PHP Nuke, Python, PHP5, Perl5, coppermine, Image galleries, message forums, fantastic, Simple script, Java script and Ruby on rails.

Company profile

The company was taken over by ProNetHosting 2010; the company is managed by a team of experts. Coolhandle was started in the year 2001 by a team of enthusiastic IT professionals. The company was started with the intention of changing the face of the webhosting industry. Even today when the company has become a household name  it still strives to satisfy its customers to the 100% mark.


So far the performance of this company is quite good but if you are serious about signing up with this company be sure to do a little research on your own. The customers may make payments using their credit cards or Paypal accounts. The company offers a full refund on a 30 day basis.


When the company started out not too many people knew of the company but slowly and steadily the company worked its way in to the minds of the customers by providing reliable web hosting services on a regular basis. Once the company found a target market there was no looking back. Today the company has become one of the highly recommended companies and has secured a safe position on everyone’s list. The company has worked really hard in building a strong reputation for itself without any doubt. So go through the tips mentioned in the review and you should have no trouble in hiring the services of the company.

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