Company Overview

This review is written with the purpose of educating you on the web hosting services of Little Oak and whether you should hire the services of the company. You may try to locate websites on the internet that have reviews on this company but they express mixed opinions which may confuse you.

Plethora of services

The company provides hosting services that utilize state of the art technology. The service provider promises the clients 99% uptime. The company also helps to improve the visibility of your website so that it gets a good rank in the search engine results. The services provided by the company are extremely user friendly and the service provider lets you use an affiliate program that allows you to earn a little extra money. Ruby on rails, MySQL5 and PHP, B2Evolution,Joomla and WordPress are some of the other  are given to the users. Chestnut Cloud Pro, Habitat Cloud pro and sapling cloud are some of the hosting plans provided by the service provider.

Let us look at the plans in detail.

Chestnut Cloud pro
The user gets free live support, disk space of 50GB and bandwidth of 50GB all at a price of $320 annually which is not expensive at all.

Habitat cloud pro
This plan offers a disk space of 5 GB, a bandwidth of 50GB in addition to live support which is free of cost. The cost of this package is $160 per year.

Sapling cloud
In this particular plan the customer is entitled to a disk space of 5 GB a band width of 50 GB and the customer is charged $80 per year.

These are the current prices; to learn more about the plans you could log on to the website of the company

Profile of the company

Little Oak is situated in a place called Torrance which in California; the company was started in 2007. Since then the company has been providing reliable services to clients. The services provided by the company are highly compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. The company started out as a small family business with limited services but today the company has built a loyal customer base. The services are very user friendly and highly affordable.

Customer services

Here is a list of the customer service provided by the company.

  • Provides regular nightly backups
  • Filters all viruses and Spam
  • Webmail, Imap,PoP3
  • Ruby, MySQL, PHP
  • Control panel that is very Mac friendly
  • The equipment used is of the best quality
  • The customers are given steady technical support round the clock.
  • The website of the customers experience 100% uptime
  • The services are highly reliable
  • The customers experience personalised services.

Company’s Performance

If you really want to know about the performance then you should carry out some comparative study before you sign up with this company.


As mentioned earlier the company started out really small but to day the company has proved that it too can rub shoulders with the giants of web hosting by providing reliable services to the customers.


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