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This article will change the way that you look at the web hosting company you choose. Guaranteed. Those are bold words. You bet! You see, you're not looking at your current web hosting companies the way that you should be. I'm going to let you in on an industry secret. One that you should always remember. Ready?

Partnering Up uptime guarantee web

The best business gurus in the world will all tell you the same thing: “make sure to choose your business partners carefully.” It's not enough to work with a good friend. It's not even enough to work with someone that has a great skill. You have to trust your partner. But, let's backtrack for a moment.

Let's define the word ‘partner.'

1. Partner (plural partners)

Definition from Wiktionary: “Someone who is associated with another in a common activity or interest.”

Is the web hosting company you choose your partner? Does that company have the same interests in mind? A web hosting company is out to make money by selling you hosting packages, right?

Ask yourself this: does that company care what ads run on your page?

And this: will my reputation be ruined by ads that I don't approve of?

And this: do ethics matter when choosing a cheap hosting provider?

Hmm. Those are some serious things to think about. And, trust me, the answers to those questions matter – they matter so much that sites like Facebook are no longer running ads on certain ethically questionable or controversial pages.

You see, Facebook is thinking about this problem from the angle of the advertiser, and you should be thinking about it from the angle of a website owner.

The Web Host You Choose Matters

If the hosting company that you sign up with doesn't care about uptime; ads placed on your site; or customer service, you haven't chosen a good partner. Heck, you haven't chosen a partner at all – but a web hosting company should be a partner.

After all, that single company is entirely responsible for your whole Internet presence. That's a huge deal if you run any kind of site.

You wouldn't choose a partner that doesn't share the same ethics, won't work to better your company, and doesn't care about your image, right? So, why choose a cheap hosting provider that you simply can't trust? It just doesn't make any sense.

What to Look For

  • A web hosting company that puts clients first. A 99.9% reliability company that cares about the sites hosted.
  • Security at all costs. Security should be a number one priority. A web hosting company that has no security measures in place is one that should be avoided.
  • Benefits. Your giving a hosting company money and the care that comes with handling your business. What will you get in return? Consider companies that offer customized benefits tailored to your business or beliefs.
  • Customer care and service. You should get along with your partners, and this means being able to reach that hosting company when you need to. Don't sign up with a company that never looks past your monthly payment.

Get the most out of the web hosting company you choose by viewing that company as your partner. You might not have thought of a hosting company as a partner, but this, by definition, is what a hosting company really is – and ought to be.

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