ZenCart Hosting

Zencart Hosting- a new feature in web hosting Zencart hosting is a new feature in the web hosting market that has attracted many customers worldwide. Web hosting ZenCart is basically used for e-commerce sites. Most of the customers belonging to ZenCart hosting are e-commerce business organizations that need to host an e-commerce site for their… Read More

Why Web Hosting Companies Should Remain Impartial

Web Hosting Companies Should Remain Impartial It’s a tough question: what level of responsibility do web hosting companies have for the content they are hosting? Copyright infringement and explicit content can often cross lines that lead to fines and a host of other problems, like a site shutdown. But should we be holding web hosting… Read More

Change the Way You Look at Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Companies This article will change the way that you look at the web hosting company you choose. Guaranteed. Those are bold words. You bet! You see, you’re not looking at your current web hosting companies the way that you should be. I’m going to let you in on an industry secret. One that… Read More

Why Many Web Hosting Companies Fail

Web Hosting Companies Fail Why ? So, you want to start a web hosting company. Web hosting companies can be lucrative. But, you’ll have to learn not to make the following mistakes. How often are these mistakes made? Every year. Here’s the good news: you can avoid Web Hosting Companies Fail pitfalls by simply remaining… Read More

UNIX VS. Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting

Linux VS. Windows Web Hosting Website hosting companies often ask clients to choose between UNIX/ Linux, or Windows hosting. What the heck is the difference? We’ll get to that in a minute. But, first, know that you should choose an operating system based on two basic criteria: 1) the language that your website is written… Read More