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A blog is a funny thing. Most websites need to have a blog in order to stay current with readers. Setting up a blog is one of the first things that most people do right after signing up with a cheap website host too. The problem with most blogs, though, is the content.  fresh blog content

When content becomes stale, there's little you can do to breathe life into it. Trying to invent new and interesting topics daily is a tough chore. Unfortunately, neglecting to fill your blog with inventive content is a lot like putting a nail in that proverbial coffin: it's not a good idea. So, what then? How do you make sure your blog stays fresh?

Fresh Blog Content: Here are some ways to keep your readers entertained.

1. Make it personal. Lately, I've been getting a lot of these requests from clients: “make this really personal, a blog is better if the writer is engaged!” Those clients aren't wrong. A blog should be personal – with a business angle. Don't lose sight of what you believe in, but keep in mind that your blog has a purpose.

2. News! Nothing sells better than news. If there's something happening in your business world, blog about it! No idea what's happening? You probably should find another occupation. Seriously. You have to be involved in your business from all angles. Read news, all the news, all the time – and let people know what you think about current events.

3. Get real. Sure, your website exists to make sure that your business thrives (otherwise, what are you paying that cheap hosting provider for?). But, that doesn't mean that your readers want to read about your business all the time. Got cultural anecdotes? Recent interesting stories? Ideas that you have thought about? Write about those things.

Fresh Blog Content: Mixing It Up

Fresh blog content isn't just about what's happening with your business. There are only so many press releases that a person can read! Try to make your blog about you and your business. You'd be surprised at how much people want to know about the person behind the blog. Let people know who you really are. Even if they're not commenting, they're reading (right?).

The trick is to put it all into a giant bag and mix it up (just like Shake ‘N Bake). Add some of you, some news, and some business topics. This is the winning blog formula. Got blogging questions? Ask me!

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