Yahoo to Sell Off Massive List of Domain Names

Marissa Mayer has been making huge strides over at Yahoo. Since her first day began, Mayer has been in press spotlight. This week, Mayer did something that’s somewhat unusual but makes a lot of sense as far as Yahoo’s business goes. What did Mayer do? She’s selling off a whole bunch of domain names that… Read More

Personal Branding and Your Domain Name

Personal Branding & Domain Name Personal branding: ‘the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.’ This definition was taken from a Google search, and it pretty much sums up what you want to do if you are your own business. Personal Branding: What does that mean? The best example is to think… Read More

A Lesson In The Temporary URL

Lesson In Temporary URL Today, we’re going to take a look at the temporary URL. Whether you are waiting for your domain to go live or your domain isn’t working properly, you will need to use the temporary URL to access the files on your website. First, you should know that a temporary URL is… Read More

LucasFilm Goes Nuts on Star Wars Domain Names

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names Looking for some upcoming Star Wars clues? Who would have thought those clues would come from some domain name news? Remember: you heard it here first! What did you hear? LucasFilm just registered a whole bunch of Star Wars domain names. Domain names that haven’t been mentioned or heard of… Read More

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names Yesterday, we talked a bit about buying up domain names, and how to make money selling these names. Here’s a perfect example of a company that buys up logical domain names: EA Games has just purchased 20 different ‘Battlefields’ domain names. Why? EA doesn’t want to sell these names,… Read More

Tips On Selecting A Domain Name

Tips On Selecting A Domain Name You know that choosing the perfect domain name for your website is crucial. You don’t want to end up registering something that reflects poorly upon your company although it seems innocent enough at the time (see our list of horrible domain names for some examples), or something that is… Read More

Sites That Make You Go “Hmmmm” – Ten Bizarre Domain Names

Ten Bizarre Domain Names We’ve talked about the importance of a good domain name here before. Making it exactly like your business or website name is ideal, as it’s oftentimes what potential visitors will type in the address bar when trying to find your specific site.   When naming your virtual private server or shared hosting… Read More

.XXX Domain Names Reduced Drastically During May

Two major adult website players have filed a lawsuit against ICM Registry, the site that controls .xxx hosting names. The lawsuit states that the prices for adult web hosting sites are too high, and that these prices need to be lowered in order to create healthy competition. Details of the .XXX Lawsuit Typically, an average… Read More

Startups: It’s All About Domain Names

Startups: It’s All About Domain Names Whether you opt for shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, or cloud hosting, none of these will matter until a domain name has been chosen. If you’re thinking: “oh, that’s easy!” Think again. Choosing a domain name can be costly in more ways than one. Select the wrong domain name,… Read More

The Internet Is 20 Today!

Internet Is 20 Today It was 20-years ago today that the World Wide Web was born. Can you believe that? The Internet is just 20-years old. The World Wide Web was first put into action on April 30th, 1993. Concepts like adult hosting and specialty hosting didn’t come into play until much later. Who created… Read More

Why Your Web Hosting Company Is Failing

Web Hosting Company Is Failing So, you started a web hosting company. You promised your customers cheap web hosting with free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and no downtime. Why aren’t those revenue numbers where they should be? There are some excellent reasons why any web hosting company fails. See if something you’re doing matches with… Read More

Cheap Web Hosting with Free Domain Name Traps

Free Domain Name Trap Does cheap web hosting with free domain name options sound like a dream come true to you? There’s a reason why thousands of people search for this term! But, before you click on that first site you come across, be very, very, careful! Web hosting providers know that you don’t want… Read More

Who’s Hosting? Here’s How To Find Out.

Who’s Hosting Did you know that, by law, a web hosting company has to disclose who owns the site? Pertinent contact information must also be included. Why is this necessary? Well, if someone comes across a site that they deem questionable, they can report the site for its future removal from the internet. Think of… Read More

Domain Name Legalities: The Small Print.

Domain Name Legalities Choosing the proper domain name is pretty important stuff. You want something that will stick in the minds of the masses, something unforgettable. You also need to be careful that you aren’t breaking trademark laws by using a name that might be confused with a famous brand or celebrity. Your hosting provider… Read More

Cheap Domain Provider

There are a number of companies in the web hosting industry that are cheap domain providers.  They are the iPage web hosting company, Webhosting Pad hosting company, Blue Host web hosting company, Arvixe web hosting, Inmotion hosting company, Fatcow hosting company, Go Daddy hosting, Just Host, Host Monster and Host gator web hosting company among… Read More

Top Domain Registrars

Top Domain Registrars Browsing through the internet, one nearly enters the unending myriad of .in, .edu, .gov, .com, .net, .org, .biz and what not! Each day, we come across multiple sites designed perfectly to cater to multitudinous needs of social networking, mailing, e-commerce etc. Let’s see the listing of Top Domain registrars in the market Best… Read More