Yahoo to Sell Off Massive List of Domain Names

Yahoo !Marissa Mayer has been making huge strides over at Yahoo. Since her first day began, Mayer has been in press spotlight. This week, Mayer did something that's somewhat unusual but makes a lot of sense as far as Yahoo's business goes.

What did Mayer do? She's selling off a whole bunch of domain names that Yahoo purchased some time ago but never uses. Why bother keeping domain names that aren't actually in use, right? Well, that was Mayer's line of thinking too. So, what names are up for auction? There are hundreds of them, but some are far more entertaining than others.

Yahoo: Funny Domain Names

There are a lot of domain names up for sale by Yahoo, but some of the funnier domain names include:

…and plenty more. Yahoo is auctioning off all of these domain names for various prices. Some of the more popular names are going for $1000+ a pop. So, if you want to get your hands on the likes of, it's going to cost you.

Yahoo: A Great Way to Clean Up

What better way to get rid of a bunch of domain names that you don't need than to sell those names? So far, Yahoo has managed to attract a ton of bidders, and the bids just keep on rolling in. If you have always wanted to build a site about sandwiches, there's no better time than the present to buy up or some other domain name.

The only thing you'll need after picking up a domain name or two is a cheap hosting site to go with it. Once you've found a cheap hosting package to go along with your new site, you can combine the two and start watching the traffic roll in.

Yahoo: Another Way to Look At It

There's another way to look at buying up domain names too. If you're just starting a cheap web hosting site, you may want to think about buying one of these domain names or two. Why? Maybe you will have a customer soon that wants to purchase the name from you. You may even be able to double your profit if you can sell that name for more than the purchase price.

All of this because Mayer is cleaning up the shop. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it? If you want to get your hands on those Yahoo domain names, just head to the Yahoo website and look for the domain name auction button. You'll find a very long list of names, and you'll also see that some names are considered more valuable than others (and will come with a higher price tag).

What do you think? Are you interested in buying up some old Yahoo domain names? Take a look at the Yahoo domain name list and let us know!

Personal Branding and Your Domain Name

Personal Branding & Domain Name

your domain name Personal BrandingPersonal branding: ‘the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.' This definition was taken from a Google search, and it pretty much sums up what you want to do if you are your own business.

Personal Branding: What does that mean? The best example is to think of almost any celebrity. You probably know that celebrity by his or her name, right? You may even know a perfume, pair of sneakers, or other item by the same name. Chances are that there's a website out there with that person's name too. This is personal branding.

When you turn your name into a brand, you're really putting yourself out there – and it can be advantageous too. After all, how many of you exist? Only one, right? Even if you're a twin, you are an individual. So, why not brand yourself? To do so, you'll have to create a website and choose a domain name.

Here's where it all gets a little sticky – kinda like sidewalks in July!

Personal Branding & Domain Name: Choosing Your Personal Brand Domain Name

Unless your name is really original (like mine), there's a good chance that any domain name that includes your own name has been taken. Uh-Oh. What now? There are a few things that you can do, and some of those things may even be to your advantage.

  1. Consider misspelling your name. If you do have one of those commonly misspelled names, why not switch it up? Think about the way that people usually spell your name, and use this common spelling instead of the actual spelling. Your mom might not love the idea, but people will find your site every time.
  2. Think about the type of work that you are part of. In some circles, a nickname might work wonders. In other industries or professions, nothing but a full and professional name will work. Think about the name that you want to put on your resume or business cards, and use that name instead of any nicknames you may have personal branding.
  3. Shorten, or lengthen, your name. If your name has already been taken, why not add your middle initial? Or, maybe you want to just use the first letter of your first name followed by your last name? Both of these options will work.
  4. Don't use your industry name. Right now, you might be the health guru of your state or country, but you may not always want that association tied to your name. If you create, you may tire of this name if you switch to, say, finance.
  5. Don't punctuate. This goes for all domain names. Adding any kind of cool punctuation is really not a great idea. People forget to add dashes and other stuff, so stick with the basics.

Personal branding can be highly effective once you get that domain name issue figured out. Need help figuring out a good domain name? Ask me. I'll help you find one that will work for both your personal brand and your profession!

Photo Courtesy of JD Hancock via Flickr Creative Commons

A Lesson In The Temporary URL

Lesson In Temporary URL

Today, we're going to take a look at the temporary URL. Whether you are waiting for your domain to go live or your domain isn't working properly, you will need to use the temporary URL to access the files on your website. http link Lesson In The Temporary URL

First, you should know that a temporary URL is anything but temporary, and the way you go about accessing it is different from hosting platform to hosting platform.

Let's take a look at how to do this in cPanel using the fictional hosting company BestHost. The method is basically the same in different platforms. Here's the information we'll use in our example:

cPanel Username: beachday
Server: funstuff4625
IP address:

If your domain isn't up and running, you will be able to access your website using either of these temporary URLs:

Basically, all we did here is name a server by its hostname or IP address followed by a tilde (~) and cPanel username. This brings us to the public_html folder for our account.

Looking to access a subdomain? Just keep heading down the file structure contained in your account to find the subdomain you're looking for. Example: let's say you want to view the contents of the subdomain, and it's contained in /public_html/, use the following URLs to access it:

Where ‘~beachday' brings you to the public_html file, simply add on after that logically to go through the file structure to any file you wish. Not as hard as you thought, right?

Lesson In Temporary URL: Regarding Webmail Accounts

What about your webmail accounts? Using cPanel to create email addresses creates webmail accounts to go along with them. Let's say the webmail service is on port 2186. We use a colon in the url to signify it is a port we are attempting to access, like this:

Lesson In Temporary URL: Or, you can use /webmail like this:

To log in to these URLs, use your email account information, which includes your full email address.

What if we want to access webmail using other URLs? Any domain can point to your account to access webmail, not just the primary domain. The only requirement: it has to be a domain pointed to your hosting server. Here are four additional ways to get to your webmail account using temporary URL:

That's a total of six unique ways to access your webmail account using both domain name and temporary URL.

Lesson In Temporary URL: Why Temporary?

Why are they called temporary URLs in the first place? It should be rather obvious that you can continue accessing your files in this way long after the domain name is activated, so why call them temporary?

The reason is simple: the only reason it is referred to as a temporary URL is that you will only need to access them in this method until your domain is active, or “temporarily.” You'll eventually be able to access your files using your domain name as usual, and won't need to go through these additional steps.

Were you curious as to the use of temporary URLs? Have you accessed your site using this method? Or, do you have further questions regarding temporary URLs? We'd love to help!

LucasFilm Goes Nuts on Star Wars Domain Names

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names

Star wars LucasFilmLooking for some upcoming Star Wars clues? Who would have thought those clues would come from some domain name news? Remember: you heard it here first! What did you hear?

LucasFilm just registered a whole bunch of Star Wars domain names. Domain names that haven't been mentioned or heard of before. Domain names like;; and a bunch of other names. Are these movie clues? Or gaming clues? Here's the scoop.

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Interesting Coincidences

As a journalist, it's my job to snoop. Or, investigate. Or, whatever you want to call it. The point is that I noticed something very curious: LucasFilm registered these domain names on the very same day that EA announced a new – and exclusive – gaming agreement with Disney.

So my bet is this: these domain names will be directly linked to new EA LucasFilm games. While Disney/LucasFilm has already purchased a whole bunch of new domain names, you might be able to pick up on a few that the company missed. But, for the true fan, there's a bigger question: are these domain names real?

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Trick or Truth?

Sometimes, a company will snatch up a bunch of domain names just to keep the public guessing. This could be the case with the new Star Wars registers. You might have to sift through the domain name rubble in order to find out which ones are real, and which ones are just a rouse. Then again, there's a really good possibility that most gamers are tired of what LucasFilm has been putting out lately.

Heck, Disney ditched LucasGames and gave the rights to EA because the division wasn't really making any money for the company. Wolf Packs? Wookie Hunters? What's next from LucasFilm? There's just one more possibility we haven't touched on yet.

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Facebook Games?

Could it be that EA is looking to create some Star Wars Facebook games? Facebook games tend be on the “adventure” side of things, so you might see some Star Wars Facebook games popping up in the near future. Either that or more mobile games. It's hard to say.

Still, after the news that Disney was letting go of any Lucas games, the fact that EA is doing something with these games is promising. Whether or not the domain name registers provide any real clues has yet to be seen. What do you think? Can we read into these domain names at all? Or, are these names nothing to really get excited about? Comment below!

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names

Yesterday, we talked a bit about buying up domain names, and how to make money selling these names. Here's a perfect example of a company that buys up logical domain names: EA Games has just purchased 20 different ‘Battlefields' domain names. Why? EA doesn't want to sell these names, but the company doesn't want to buy them from a third-party either.

EA GamesEA's Battlefield game is a popular one, so the company has just decided to snatch up all the domains that could lead gamers to the wrong gaming site. Now, if you go to any one of the domains that EA has just purchased, you'll be directed to the Battlefield game. See how that works? You can also think of this in terms of dollars.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: Cheap In the Scheme of Things

For a company like EA, domain names are cheap things. Since none of the Battlefield domain names have been purchased, yet, EA scooped up a whole bunch of them for a steal. If the names had already been purchased, EA would have had to purchase those names from another person — don't you wish you had bought some domain names?

Some people who want to try and chase this pay day might start buying up battlefield domain names, but it's likely too late. EA Games has probably chosen all the names that it will need. But, I do have a crafty tip for all of you domain resellers out there.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: A Domain Name Tip

Hot off the presses: EA is set to take over where Disney left off with LucasGames. If you're into Star Wars, you know that this could mean big business for EA. So, a savvy domain reseller might think of possible upcoming Star Wars gaming titles, or existing titles, and scoop up those domain names. Tricky, right?

Why bother? Because EA will then have to pay you for that Star Wars game domain. Whether you decide on shared or dedicated hosting for your new sites, you might be able to rake in a decent amount of cash if you pick the right domain names.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: Research First

Before you set out and purchase a bunch of battlefields domain names or any that have to do with Star Wars, do some research. I'm betting that the gaming domain name playing field is really hot right now, if you play your cards right.

Find out which games each perspective company is planning to release, which domain names have already been purchased, and try to speculate as to which domains might be needed in the future.

Who knows, you just may get a big fat check from EA soon. Wouldn't that be great? Anyone have any other domain name suggestions? Comments are always appreciated!