LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names

Star wars LucasFilmLooking for some upcoming Star Wars clues? Who would have thought those clues would come from some domain name news? Remember: you heard it here first! What did you hear?

LucasFilm just registered a whole bunch of Star Wars domain names. Domain names that haven't been mentioned or heard of before. Domain names like;; and a bunch of other names. Are these movie clues? Or gaming clues? Here's the scoop.

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Interesting Coincidences

As a journalist, it's my job to snoop. Or, investigate. Or, whatever you want to call it. The point is that I noticed something very curious: LucasFilm registered these domain names on the very same day that EA announced a new – and exclusive – gaming agreement with Disney.

So my bet is this: these domain names will be directly linked to new EA LucasFilm games. While Disney/LucasFilm has already purchased a whole bunch of new domain names, you might be able to pick up on a few that the company missed. But, for the true fan, there's a bigger question: are these domain names real?

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Trick or Truth?

Sometimes, a company will snatch up a bunch of domain names just to keep the public guessing. This could be the case with the new Star Wars registers. You might have to sift through the domain name rubble in order to find out which ones are real, and which ones are just a rouse. Then again, there's a really good possibility that most gamers are tired of what LucasFilm has been putting out lately.

Heck, Disney ditched LucasGames and gave the rights to EA because the division wasn't really making any money for the company. Wolf Packs? Wookie Hunters? What's next from LucasFilm? There's just one more possibility we haven't touched on yet.

LucasFilm Star Wars Domain Names: Facebook Games?

Could it be that EA is looking to create some Star Wars Facebook games? Facebook games tend be on the “adventure” side of things, so you might see some Star Wars Facebook games popping up in the near future. Either that or more mobile games. It's hard to say.

Still, after the news that Disney was letting go of any Lucas games, the fact that EA is doing something with these games is promising. Whether or not the domain name registers provide any real clues has yet to be seen. What do you think? Can we read into these domain names at all? Or, are these names nothing to really get excited about? Comment below!

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