Yahoo !Marissa Mayer has been making huge strides over at Yahoo. Since her first day began, Mayer has been in press spotlight. This week, Mayer did something that's somewhat unusual but makes a lot of sense as far as Yahoo's business goes.

What did Mayer do? She's selling off a whole bunch of domain names that Yahoo purchased some time ago but never uses. Why bother keeping domain names that aren't actually in use, right? Well, that was Mayer's line of thinking too. So, what names are up for auction? There are hundreds of them, but some are far more entertaining than others.

Yahoo: Funny Domain Names

There are a lot of domain names up for sale by Yahoo, but some of the funnier domain names include:

…and plenty more. Yahoo is auctioning off all of these domain names for various prices. Some of the more popular names are going for $1000+ a pop. So, if you want to get your hands on the likes of, it's going to cost you.

Yahoo: A Great Way to Clean Up

What better way to get rid of a bunch of domain names that you don't need than to sell those names? So far, Yahoo has managed to attract a ton of bidders, and the bids just keep on rolling in. If you have always wanted to build a site about sandwiches, there's no better time than the present to buy up or some other domain name.

The only thing you'll need after picking up a domain name or two is a cheap hosting site to go with it. Once you've found a cheap hosting package to go along with your new site, you can combine the two and start watching the traffic roll in.

Yahoo: Another Way to Look At It

There's another way to look at buying up domain names too. If you're just starting a cheap web hosting site, you may want to think about buying one of these domain names or two. Why? Maybe you will have a customer soon that wants to purchase the name from you. You may even be able to double your profit if you can sell that name for more than the purchase price.

All of this because Mayer is cleaning up the shop. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it? If you want to get your hands on those Yahoo domain names, just head to the Yahoo website and look for the domain name auction button. You'll find a very long list of names, and you'll also see that some names are considered more valuable than others (and will come with a higher price tag).

What do you think? Are you interested in buying up some old Yahoo domain names? Take a look at the Yahoo domain name list and let us know!

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