EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names

Yesterday, we talked a bit about buying up domain names, and how to make money selling these names. Here's a perfect example of a company that buys up logical domain names: EA Games has just purchased 20 different ‘Battlefields' domain names. Why? EA doesn't want to sell these names, but the company doesn't want to buy them from a third-party either.

EA GamesEA's Battlefield game is a popular one, so the company has just decided to snatch up all the domains that could lead gamers to the wrong gaming site. Now, if you go to any one of the domains that EA has just purchased, you'll be directed to the Battlefield game. See how that works? You can also think of this in terms of dollars.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: Cheap In the Scheme of Things

For a company like EA, domain names are cheap things. Since none of the Battlefield domain names have been purchased, yet, EA scooped up a whole bunch of them for a steal. If the names had already been purchased, EA would have had to purchase those names from another person — don't you wish you had bought some battlefield.com domain names?

Some people who want to try and chase this pay day might start buying up battlefield domain names, but it's likely too late. EA Games has probably chosen all the names that it will need. But, I do have a crafty tip for all of you domain resellers out there.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: A Domain Name Tip

Hot off the presses: EA is set to take over where Disney left off with LucasGames. If you're into Star Wars, you know that this could mean big business for EA. So, a savvy domain reseller might think of possible upcoming Star Wars gaming titles, or existing titles, and scoop up those domain names. Tricky, right?

Why bother? Because EA will then have to pay you for that Star Wars game domain. Whether you decide on shared or dedicated hosting for your new sites, you might be able to rake in a decent amount of cash if you pick the right domain names.

EA Games Buys 20 Domain Names: Research First

Before you set out and purchase a bunch of battlefields domain names or any that have to do with Star Wars, do some research. I'm betting that the gaming domain name playing field is really hot right now, if you play your cards right.

Find out which games each perspective company is planning to release, which domain names have already been purchased, and try to speculate as to which domains might be needed in the future.

Who knows, you just may get a big fat check from EA soon. Wouldn't that be great? Anyone have any other domain name suggestions? Comments are always appreciated!

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