5 Things to Know About Cloud Hosting

5 Things to Know About Cloud Hosting Have you ever wondered why some words are called “buzz words?” It’s mostly because those words are used so much that they create a buzz. Buzz words happen when topics are extremely popular. Kind of like the term: cloud hosting. Every hosting company today claims to offer something… Read More

Latest News And Engine Review Google App

Google has revolutionized digital technology with Google App Engine, which is part of the Google Cloud platform. App Engine allows developers to create scalable and robust web applications, game applications, and mobile applications with little to no cost. Benefits of Using Google App Engine Google App Engine is a ‘Platform as a Service (PaaS).’ This… Read More

Google’s New Cloud Hosting Option

New Cloud Hosting Option Watch out, Amazon – Google has arrived. Google has a new cloud hosting service (kind of) that takes direct aim at what Amazon and Microsoft have already put together. Here are the new Google Cloud details. Inside Google Cloud Platform Google actually rolled out the company’s cloud services via Google Compute… Read More

A Cloud Hosting Niche Idea

Cloud Hosting Niche Idea The notion of Medicine Without Borders is an important one. Treating people all around the world is something that a number of doctors aspire to do, but it’s not always as simple as packing a bag and hopping a plane. Sometimes, treatments and cures need to be handed out from a… Read More

What Shouldn’t Be Sent to the Cloud?

What Shouldn’t Be Sent to the Cloud? Cloud hosting is something that we’ve talked about frequently on this blog. It’s also the newest thing in web hosting, and it’s something that a lot of you are probably considering. But, we know that you have questions about cloud hosting too. One of the questions that we… Read More

Rackspace vs Azure

Rackspace vs Azure Performance With numerous cloud hosting providers out there, how do you choose? It’s not an easy process. There are numerous factors to consider, but of course the two main considerations are price and performance. In terms of performance, that can be a little tougher to figure out. Each provider has a different… Read More

Porticor: Making The Cloud A Little Safer For Healthcare

About Porticor We’ve touched on cloud security risks here on the Ananova blog in the past. In case you missed any of the articles, here’s a quick fact: cloud hosting is just as risky as traditional hosting. While it may seem as if it is more vulnerable to hacker attacks, that is just simply not… Read More

ShareFile Security Stacks secure alternative to Dropbox

ShareFile Security Stacks Up to Dropbox Where there’s room for error, there’s room for competition. That’s what’s been happening in the file sharing realm lately, at least. When Dropbox reported that thousands of user passwords had been compromised a few months ago, Dropbox users began to look elsewhere – and just as those users were… Read More

Why the Cloud Isn’t Sliced Bread

Cloud Isn’t Sliced Bread There’s no shortage of positive information about cloud storage. But, few sites will tell you why you shouldn’t go the cloud route. The fact is that cloud storage might not be for everyone. There are some good reasons why cloud might not be for you. Take a look. Why the Cloud… Read More

What’s A Private Cloud?

Every business magazine this month seems to have picked up on one buzzword: private cloud. Wondering what a private cloud is? You aren’t alone. This is one buzzword that has gotten a lot of press, but it’s still something that most people don’t understand. Here’s a closer look at the private cloud idea. Keep Out… Read More

Could We Soon See Cloud Fingerprint Technology?

Cloud Fingerprint Technology Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S is quickly gaining attention for the phone’s fingerprint security feature. Not only is this type of security a great development in the smartphone world, but fingerprint security may be applicable to businesses soon enough. What Cloud Fingerprint Technology Means Essentially, fingerprint security means that a new kind of… Read More

Cloud Hosting Provider Battle: Apple Wins, Second Place Might Surprise You

Cloud Hosting Provider Battle When it comes to your video and music content, who’s your cloud-hosting provider? If you’re like the twenty-seven percent of cloud storage clients in the U.S., it’s Apple’s iCloud. Why so much iCloud love? It’s all about the sweet, sweet, music, it seems. People go where the digital media is. So,… Read More

Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools: Our List

Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools Looking for some of the best cloud-based developer tools? The selection is a bit overwhelming, right? You’re sure to have a few favorites that you already use, but there may be one or two in this list that you haven’t heard of yet. Take a look. Heroku A cloud-based platform-as-a-service (Paas)… Read More

List of U.S. Government Agencies Using the Cloud

U.S. Government Agencies Using the Cloud The U.S. Government has been making a lot of major cloud deals lately. Some of those deals reach into the millions, and it’s clear that the US government trusts the cloud with sensitive data. It’s also clear that the US government is trying to save money by switching to… Read More

Why Some Startups Ditch The Cloud For Physical Servers

Cloud or Physical Servers We’ve discussed the benefits of cloud hosting here at Ananova many times. There are times where the cloud does not work out, such as like Eric Frenkiel, founder and CEO of MemSQL. And you can’t say the man didn’t give it the old college try. As most startups do, he relied… Read More

Cleversafe, Symform, and Cloud Dispersion Technology

Cloud Dispersing Option: Cleversafe and Symform There’s a notion in the cloud hosting world that dispersing data is a safer and more secure way of storing information. There are currently two companies offering businesses the cloud dispersing option: Cleversafe and Symform. Both companies offer similar services with subtle differences. But what’s really of interest here… Read More

Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud

Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud A lot of small businesses are looking to the cloud to save money and time. However, deciding which files to send to the cloud isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. There’s a lot more to cloud storage than just moving items around to and from the… Read More

Can Anything Stop The Growth Of Cloud Computing?

Growth Of Cloud Computing There’s no doubt about it: the cloud is here, and will only get bigger. A recent report by Morgan Stanley confirms this: AWS revenue is expected to hit $24 billion by 2023. It stands to reason that other cloud computing companies will see similar growth. However, it’s not all sunshine and… Read More

Should Cloud Companies Move to Canada?

Cloud Companies Move to Canada Today, one of the most popular Google searches is “non-Us cloud-based companies.” Cloud users not living in the states have been frightened away by government spying. That’s not good news for cloud hosting companies based in the USA. But, it might be good news for cloud companies in other countries.… Read More

Latest News and Hosting Review DigitalOcean

Hosting Review DigitalOcean Hosting Review DigitalOcean – Moving Up In The Cloud Hosting World Cloud hosting is an industry that is growing fast, and Digital Ocean is quickly rising to the top. They recently announced a total of $3.2 million raised in seed capital, and with new subscribers joining at a rate of 500 per… Read More