The Cloud Makes Basic Health Care In Developing Countries Possible

The Cloud Makes Basic Health Care In Developing Countries Possible Can cloud technology help bridge the gap between healthcare and developing countries? An open source mobile health technology company called MOTECH SUITE is doing just that – using the cloud to bring basic healthcare to people across the globe. What Motech Is and Does Motech’s… Read More

Before You Go Cloud: 5 Important Legal Points

Before You Go Cloud: 5 Important Legal Points You know you want to make the switch from traditional hosting to cloud hosting for your business. It’s a big switch, but often, the right choice. Just as you did when you started your business, you need to be careful: the security of your data, and sometimes… Read More

Protection: For Cloud Security Too

Protection: For Cloud Security Protection. It’s not just for those intimate moments. Your cloud data needs physical protection too. When it comes to cloud security, you can’t have enough protection. Yet, most enterprises considering a switch to the cloud never think about real-world safety. Why Physical Matters Every single bit of data that’s stored in… Read More

Why You Might Want to Keep Some of Your IT Staff

Keep Some of Your IT Staff The cloud is the cure-all for today’s IT problems. It’s fluffy, relatively secure, and a way to cut back on spending. Article after article details the way that companies from A to Z have saved by switching to the cloud. If you look closely at those articles (closer!), you’ll… Read More

Down With the Cloud: How to Avoid Cloud Tracking

Avoid Cloud Tracking Ever since the whole NSA thing happened, Internet users have been trying to find ways to prevent online tracking. But that’s really kind of silly. You see, we are linked – no, chained – to the cloud at every turn. From Gmail to social media platforms, the cloud is really everywhere. This… Read More

EU Residents Stay Away From US-Based Cloud Services

EU Residents Stay Away From US-Based Cloud Services Privacy has always been a big deal in Europe. Now that the United States Government has been criticized for citizen surveillance, EU officials are warning citizens not to sign up with any US-based cloud services. These warnings could have a major impact on the revenues generated by… Read More

Five Ways to Maximize Hosting Revenue

Maximize Hosting Revenue Revenue is the end goal for all companies. Maximizing revenue doesn’t have to mean getting new clients either. You can generate plenty of revenue from the clients that you already have with some simple tricks. If you currently run a hosting company, don’t forget to look at the opportunities that you have… Read More

How to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out

How to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out You and thousands of other hosting companies are now offering cloud hosting. So what? How are you going to make your cloud company stand out from the rest? What will set you apart? Check out these ways to make the cloud services your company is offering unique.… Read More

10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting For Manufacturers

10 Benefits of Cloud Hosting For Manufacturers Industries all over are learning about the benefits of cloud hosting, and watching as profits rise and IT costs fall. There is one industry where cloud hosting is making a big impact: manufacturing.   The top manufacturers see why cloud computing is such a benefit to their business. They… Read More

The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues?

The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues In 2008, Reuven Cohen started one of the first Google groups created for those who wished to discuss the cloud, named “The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum.” People posted discussions on topics like problems with standardization and interoperability, but eventually, conversation fizzled and faded away altogether.  Recently, in a Forbes… Read More

Kim Dotcom To New Zealand: Say ‘No’ To Spying

Kim Dotcom The effects of the US digital spying tactics leak are being felt worldwide. Whether in the US or Europe, everyone is watching their online activity a little bit more closely. One of the people who’s felt the effects of this spying: Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, online cloud storage company. He spoke recently… Read More

Store Data and Files with Top 4 Cloud Storage Options

Top 4 Cloud Storage Options Cloud storage isn’t hard to find. Many companies are dishing out free cloud storage, and some companies are begging people just like you to take it. The problem with too many cloud storage companies is that it’s hard to sort the good from the bad. Which ones are really cloud… Read More

Yahoo Changes Rules For COPPA

Yahoo Changes Rules For COPPA Under 12? You should know that Yahoo is changing it’s rules a bit for your segment of the population. This all comes in response to the amended online child protection law set forth by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), demonstrating Yahoo’s willingness to comply. This updated law, the Children’s… Read More

Why Is The Cloud So Popular?

Why Is The Cloud So Popular? Have you noticed how big cloud computing has become? Although the Department of Defense relies on the cloud, there are some that still have a hard time letting go and moving their data to a virtual, cloud hosting environment. Are you one of those people who have a hard… Read More

Dropbox VS. Zip Cloud: Which One to Choose?

Project collaboration can be a tiresome task. Especially if everyone involved in a project works from a different location. How can you share ideas, files, and concepts clearly? The best way to work on a shared project is to use a cloud file sharing option like Dropbox. But, Dropbox isn’t the only game in town.… Read More

Why Hosts Are Impartial

Hosts Are Impartial Web hosting companies are facing a lot of slack lately. Clients of hosts wonder why their sites aren’t supported when legal troubles happen. Instead of backing up a client, most hosting companies will just shut down a site. You can check out the legal details here in my recent interview. Why don’t… Read More

Understanding WordPress Hosting Options

Best WordPress Hosting Provider Understanding WordPress Hosting Options You have set up a WordPress account with the hopes of building your website using its simple CRM. But you still need to choose a hosting provider! But which one will you go with? How do you choose the best WordPress hosting provider? First off, know that… Read More

The Cloud: The Future of Transport and Manufacturing

Future of Transport and Manufacturing Recently, Forbes published an article about the advantages of cloud manufacturing. In the article titled ’10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing,’ the article touches on the benefits of cloud computing when it comes to manufacturing (efficiency, better connectivity, and other benefits). Manufacturing is closely tied with transportation – in… Read More

Is Google The Original Cloud Company at the forefront?

Google The Original Cloud Company The term ‘cloud’ is tossed around so loosely today that it’s hard to know what it really means (kind of like the term ‘thought leader’). Cloud companies are popping up overnight offering unbelievable deals and services to unknowing consumers. But long before any of this began, Google was at the… Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Things to Know In my recent interview with Peter Pollack, I asked Peter how you can tell if a site is really using the cloud. Since you can’t simply rely on a company’s claim that they are cloud-based (“cloud computing” is really used as a mere buzzword now), you have to know a… Read More