Features offered by iNetServices Server Provider

iNet-Services-ReviewTheir dedicated server hosting uses multiple servers; Quad core processors, Dual core processors, Single core processors and massive storage servers. Some of the key features of the company's dedicated server hosting is 100% network up time, an hour hardware replacement, pro active server monitoring along with round the clock customer and technical support and 5 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth. The company's cloud hosting on the other hand comes with features such as the fact that the company designs and deploys their own cloud and use mixed dedicated servers along with the use of reliable and scalable cloud servers and better yet automatic fail over. iNet hosting services offers both public and private cloud hosting services to their clients. The managed hosting services that they offer on the other hand goes a long way in the protection of valuable clients data, offers excellent performance across multiple servers and the best back ups in the industry. Some of the managed hosting services that they offer their clients include:i SCSI SAN, NAS/ FTP storage, managed firewall and Net back up.

iNetServices Server Provider Performance

The servers that the iNet company employs, for instance, in their dedicated server hosting are of the best quality and are very powerful and thus greatly improve the performance of the company's hosting services. On average, the iNet services web hosting company can be rated as a great performer in the hosting industry, on top of that, its feature -rich hosting coupled with a network up time of up to 100% go a long way in boosting its hosting performance.

iNetServices Server Provider Reliability

The company operates on a 100% network up time, undisputed which basically means that the company's hosting services are very reliable as their servers are never off line at any one time. On top of that, the iNet services hosting company has a technical team and customer care desk that can be reached all through, 24/7/365 whose main duty is to look into the clients needs, ensuring they are comfortable with the company's hosting services.

iNetServices Server Provider Customer service

At i Net, the customer is the most important person and thus must be satisfied and looked after at all times which is why there is 24/7/365 customer support. The company's customer service is excellent and the technical team and customer care desk can be accessed throughout the day and night via trouble ticket, live chat, e-mail and telephone.

Dedicated Server
Types Of Servers Single Processor Servers
Dual Processor Servers
Quad Processor Servers
Massive Storage Servers
Priceing Details
Intel Xeon 3430 $199/Month
Intel Xeon 5410 $239/Month
Dual Intel Xeon 5410 $299/Month
Dual Intel Xeon 5650 $499/Month
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 $549/Month
Quad Intel Xeon E5-4610 $1299/Month
Dual Intel Xeon 5504 $359/Month
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support
  • 100% Network Up-time Guarantee
  • 1 Hr. H/W Replacement SLA
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • 5 Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
Cloud Hosting
Types Of Cloud Services Private Cloud Hosting
Public Cloud Hosting
Priceing Details
1 Core $50/Month
4 Core $149/Month
16 Core $593/Month
HA-1 Core $100/Month
HA-4 Core $298/Month
HA-16 Core $1186/Month
  • Design & Deploy own cloud
  • Mix Dedicated Servers
  • Reliable & scalable cloud servers
  • Automatic Fail-over
Managed Service
Types Of Services Managed Firewall
Net Backup
FTP / NAS Storage
Priceing Details
Managed Firewall $49/Month*
Net Backup $50/Month*
iSCSI $75/Month*
FTP/NAS $50/Month*
  • Protects valuable data
  • Best backups
  • N/W attached Storage
  • Best performance across multiple servers

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