Company Introduction

BrinksterBrinkster web hosting company is located in Phoenix, in the United States of America and was founded several years ago in the year 1999. this web hosting company is primarily an IT infrastructure and services company although it also offers great web hosting services. Further more, this web host offers other services such as managed hosting, All-in-one attack protection, DDOS, self-managed servers, disaster recovery and back up, domain name services and share website hosting services along with many other hosting services.

Services offered

  • Managed Services
  • All-in-one Protection Pack
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Premium Secure Email


Since it was started, Brinkster hosting has been able to maintain a good position in the industry as a company that offers great IT infrastructure and solutions along with offering excellent web hosting services to their clients. On top of that, this web host goes further to offer clients an uninterrupted network up time of up to 100% along with great and responsive customer and technical support that can be reached throughout, 24/7/365.


Brinkster web hosting company offers their clients three hosting plans that they can choose from, the level one hosting plan, and comes with features such as up to 200 GBs of web space, uses the Windows Os,has classic ASP and allows up to 2,000GB of web traffic to clients websites for a price as low as $ 5.99 per month. The level two hosting plan on the other hand comes with great hosting features that include two free domain names, about 350Gb of web space, uses the Windows operating system too and comes with monthly bandwidth of up 3,500GB along with 250 MB MySQL databases, supports PHP and classic ASP and ASP .NET v4.0 and goes for only $ 12.99 each month. The level three hosting plan also comes with some excellent features; 500 GB of web space along with 6,00 GB of bandwidth, 5 free domain names along with support for ASP .NET v4.0, PHP, Classic ASP , operates on a Windows operating system and also has 250 MB MySQL databases and 250 MB Microsoft SQL Server.


In terms of performance of their hosting services, Brinkster is for sure among the leaders when it comes to offering their clients excellent performance. This is clearly depicted by the guaranteed network up time of up to 100% which ensure that the company's servers are always on line and thus clients are well taken care of. On top of that, the company operates from a well equipped data center which is state of the art and house the latest in technological equipments in the hosting industry. The technical team is also very crucial in catering to the technical difficulties that may arise.


Brinkster Hosting offers clients a network up time of up to 100% thus there is never any down time of clients web sites. Their hosting speeds are also excellent thus ensuring that the stability of the company's hosting services is maintained. On top of that, the technical team is always at the disposal of the clients to help them cater for any technical difficulties that may arise.

Customer Support/ Service

Customer service is a core value in any business and is key in promoting the growth of a company and this is why Brinkster web hosting company has ensured that their clients can reach the customer support and technical support team at any time of day or night throughout the year.

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