Company Introduction

bravenetBrave net hosting company is a web hosting company that has been in the hosting industry for several years and has been able to steadily grow over the years to compete with others in the industry. The company was founded in the year 1997 to offer web hosting services to people around the globe. Since then, the company has become among the pace setters in the hosting industry. This is among the best web hosting company to host with all over the world.


In the hosting industry, Bravenet web hosting company has a reputation as a hosting company that offers clients great hosting speeds and outstanding customer support to keep their clients happy. They are also known throughout the industry to offer speedy hosting services that are full of features to cater for the various customer needs.


Some of the features of the hosting services that the company offers its clients include: transferring of files via Web FTP, huge amounts of storage space and bandwidth, access to rich web site stats and analytic s, ten hostable domains per package, MySQL databases, powerful web servers, PHP access, protection of clients data from Spam and viruses along with daily data back ups that are stored off line. Further more, the company offers UPS and generator back ups just in case there is a power outage, this way clients information and data are safe and can be retrieved in case of loss or even damage.

More so, Bravenet web hosting company has two basic hosting plans that their clients can choose from; the starter FTP hosting plan and the premium FTP hosting plan. On the Starter FTP hosting plan, clients get 1 FTP account, 3 sub domains, 1GB of bandwidth and 100MB of disk space every month. More over, this hosting plan supports PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 but does not have MySQL and .ht access support. However, this hosting plan also supports 64-bit dual core processors and SSI and comes with daily data backups. The premium hosting plan comes with unlimited MySQL databases, sub domains and bandwidth along with 30 GB of disk space. This hosting plan furthermore supports PHP 5.2 and 5.3, SSI, has e-mail accounts, 64 bit dual core processors and comes with daily data back ups.


In terms of performance, Bravenet hosting can only be described as exemplary as they are among the pacesetters in the hosting industry. Since its inception in 1997, the company has been able to continuously offer great hosting services that are speedy and feature-rich with great up time statistics and thus a happy lot of customers. The speed, features and reliability along with the reputation of a company are the key things that one looks into when looking for a web host, now on top of all these, performance of the hosting services is the most crucial as it determines how your web site will run. Brave net has passed on all counts of a good hosting service provider.


The company's hosting is quite reliable ion terms of speed and their customer care and technical support. The daily back up of data ensures that clients do not lose their data in case of anything. They also have good up time statistics tat ensure their servers are running throughout, no disruptions whatsoever.

Hosting Includes

  • Transfer files through Web FTP
  • 10 domains hosted in one package
  • Load balanced web servers
  • Loads of storage and bandwidth
  • MySQL databases with editor
  • Rich website analytics and stats
  • PHP with custom configuration
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Check email through the web
  • UPS and generator power backup
  • Daily backups stored off-line
  • Server & connection monitoring
  • Easy web-based file manager
  • Top-notch friendly support staff

Customer Support/ Service

The technical and customer support that the company offers is exemplary to an extent that they have an outstanding reputation in the hosting industry in terms of these. The customer care desk is always at the clients disposal and more so act very fast. On top of that, clients get their data backed up on a daily basis thus the company protects their clients from any kind of data loss.

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