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visit readyhostingReadyHosting web hosting company specializes in offering Windows based web hosting services. The company was started way back in the year 1997, and has been able to steadily grow at the same time create and maintain a good reputation in the industry as a very reliable web host. Regardless of other companies joining the industry every now and then, they are yet to get to Ready host's hosting services standards. The company has been able to steadily grow in the industry as well as maintain the standards that they set on founding the company.

Ready hosting is a leader in windows shared hosting and it is serving its customers since 1997. With proven years of experience Ready Hosting is using latest software. It has the skills & technology that connects a customer online speedily. It is simple to employ, customer focused & reliable. It provides round the clock support & facilities in affordable price. An individual or entrepreneur Ready Hosting is for all of them.

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The ReadyHosting web hosting company has maintained a great reputation in the industry as a very reliable web host for Windows- based hosting services. Since it joined the hosting industry, the company has been able to offer high quality, reliable, speedy and great performing thus dependable hosting services to clients from all over the world, thus maintaining its reputation.


The basic features that ReadyHosting offers clients include: ASP.NET 2.0/3.0 with AJAX, Frontpage extensions, CGI library, PHP among others, ColdFusion Support, e-commerce ready, has a customizable control panel, unlimited mail boxes, web site statistics and custom error pages along with many other features. The ReadyHosting web hosting company has three hosting plans: the one hosting plan, the windows advanced plan and the ready commerce plan. These plans have some similar features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlimited mail boxes, FTP access and ASP support and web stats. The one hosting plan has 5 MySQL databases, web based mail, Cold Fusion and supports Front Page extensions 2003. the other hosting plan, windows advanced plan comes with up to 10 MySQL and MS SSL databases and supports Cold Fusion. The ready commerce plans comes ready with 20MySQl and 20 MY SSL support along with the other features that these plans share.

Reliability & Performance

Ready Hosting offers various reliable facilities & support to its customers. It provides support for generally used web application & its development tool. It uses cold fusion & other software to give Industry familiar web environment & consistent tools with reliable services.

The company's hosting has been rated as feature-rich high quality and speedy, thus very reliable. On top of that, the company' sup time statistics are great as they offer up to99.9% network up time. This means that their servers are never off line and thus client web sites are always up and running all day and night.

Customer service

The technical team and the customer care desk at ReadyHosting web hosting are ever at the clients disposal, regardless of what time of day or night it is. Clients thus get round the clock customer and technical support to adequately cater to their problems. They employ only the best staff to look after their clients thus clients get the best.

Hosting Plans

Ready Hosting is having variety of plans for everyone. They have experienced & skill based Windows team who continuously explore new and innovative solutions to keep their customers to use latest technology in affordable price. Ready Hosting have three different plans named- One Plan, Windows advanced & Ready commerce. All plans are with additional features like online control panel, website statistics, front page extension, Google webmaster tools etc. With general support like 24/7 Email support, world class data centre etc. Their One Plan Windows Hosting solution give the tools needed to get the job done including 99%+ uptime and engaged customer support.

Features and Control Panel

Ready Hosting with windows shared hosting tells about each & every technology in detail & how to utilize it. It consists of understanding web hosting, managing domain name, configuring Email, designing website, online selling etc. Control Panel makes it easy to manage website. Simple site deluxe tool make it simple to build website.


There is a proper guide provided to use Ready Additional 24/7 contact support via Email, chat or phone according to convenience is provided.


There are lots of benefits of using Ready Hosting. It is a Windows based company with ease to use, customer focussed & reliable with variety of plans & services.


Refund policy is not clear.

Refund Policy

Contact numbers & Email for support is provided on company website. There after filling form whole information about refund policy will be provided.


Ready Hosting is the easy-to-use, customer-focused and reliable shared hosting company focusing on a range of Windows-based plans and services. With various advance features & support it is ready to use for any one whether it’s individual or entrepreneur.

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