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Latest News And Web Hosting Review RegisterSince you will not find a complete review of on one website; this article will review all the good and the bad that this company has and in the process it will help you decide whether you should sign up with this company or not.

The Services Of

The company offers very reliable services for web hosting services. Reseller packages, multiple domain registration to web hosting services; the company offers it all. The company has a website that has all the content arranged in a very systematic fashion. The website is quite user friendly so as a user you will not have trouble navigating within the website. This is workable service provider but the company provides limited band width which many can consider a disadvantage. The company provides a plan where the user gets a disk space of 5GB and a bandwidth of 250 GB on a monthly basis. The service provider provides a wide range of services that is just perfect for users that are professional; but the services of the company. To avail the benefit of unlimited hosting you may have to sign up for the premium plan which may cost about $40 on a monthly basis. In spite of certain shortfalls the company does offer secure services. Professional users have access to multiple FTP accounts and using this facility you can give site designers and employees access to the website.

The ease of use can differs from time to time. The usability of the services totally depends on the way you plant to use the hosting services. If you plan to use the services for just hosting your website then you should not have much trouble using them. The services may get a little complicated when you are looking for an expansion of some sort.

Company Profile

The company was founded in 1994 by Dan Levine, Peter Forman and Richard Forman. The Company was renamed to in the year 1999. The company started out pretty small initially but over the years the company has grown from strength to strength.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service this company does not fall behind in any way. The service provider offers chat support, telephone and email services round the clock. The chat support might not work sometimes but other than that there is nothing much to complain about. The service provider will also take the time to post some FAQs which you can access through the control panel that is provided. The best part about this service provider is that the users can have access to video tutorials to learn about the services.


Performance wise the company has not done bad for itself. In spite of certain problems the company has managed to retain its core customers over the years.

Reputation of the Service Provider

As mentioned earlier, that when the company had started out it had to face certain technical difficulties with the services that it provided but today the company has almost reached the level of perfection.

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