UK Mandatory Web Filter And What It Means For Web Hosting Companies

UK Mandatory Web Filter We’ve discussed the UK government’s plan to make the Internet a safer place for children by making adult hosting content filters mandatory. In case you didn’t catch those articles, here’s a recap: PM David Cameron is requiring porn filters be activated in every household in the UK unless the user opts… Read More

Cheap Hosting Company Freedom Hosting

Freedom Hosting In case you missed our earlier story regarding the shutdown of hidden sites hosted by the anonymous and cheap hosting company Freedom Hosting, here’s the background: malicious Javascript code was found to be embedded in many of the sites hosted by Freedom Hosting, relying on the Tor network that keeps users’ identities completely… Read More

Personal Websites: Do You Need One?

Personal Websites: In some industries, it doesn’t make sense not to have a personal website. In others, websites that list personal attributes are somewhat unnecessary – or, they were, at least. Now, everyone seems to have a website no matter what industry that person works in.  Most networking conversations go like this now: “Do you… Read More

First Steps When Seeking Cheap Hosting With Domain

Seeking Cheap Hosting With Domain If you are searching for Cheap Hosting with Domain, where do you start? There are so many choices to make, especially when choosing your Hosting Provider. Even when a hosting provider attempts to make it simple, how do you know one of the more complex services isn’t better for you… Read More