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v5.1 introduces a new beta feature – Container Servers which includes full container customisation via CoreOS's Cloud-Config tool. OnApp v5.1 is available now as a free upgrade to existing OnApp clients, and via a range of starter, professional and enterprise packages for new customers.

It paved the way for a modern approach to containerized hosting, using technologies such as Docker, in public and private clouds. Container Servers share the same intuitive provisioning, management, failover and metering of standard OnApp virtual servers, but based on a CoreOS template that provides the framework for cloud providers to deploy Docker and Kubernetes using OnApp's market-leading control panel.

Other features include:

  • Usage trend reporting: invaluable for identifying customers putting heavy demands on storage, RAM or other critical resources.
  • vCloud Director Enhancements:
    • Adds new virtual server/vApp configuration options
    • the ability to hot configure CPU and RAM within the OnApp UI
    • the ability to edit network pools within resource pools
    • and new edge gateway configuration options within vCD orchestration models.
  • “Email-as-a-Service” for Application Servers: Can automatically provision hundreds of applications along with a virtual server, which simplifies SaaS, PaaS, and DBaaS. With OnApp v5.1 control panel, users can also create, manage and delete accounts for email applications.

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