Online presence is a must for every business, whether small or medium sized. From displaying the product and service information to the e-business, a website is becoming virtual stores.
Most companies are targeting Internet visitors for sales.

Business Owners as clients of Hosting companies

Hosting companies offer the platform and tools to business owners to conduct business activities. Depending on the size of the market, suggest various hosting plans, which differ only in resources, rest attributes remains same for all the plans.

Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of both business owners and hosting companies.

clients of Hosting companies

Business Goals -Clients of Hosting companies

  • Availability: ‘Always be available for your client.' Hosting companies keep servers 100% uptime to fulfill this need of firms. Often reliability is a word close to uptime
  • Performance: Customer needs attentions and quick response. The online visitor must be able to access resources quickly, as it directly influences consumer behavior regarding sales conversion.
  • Give Space: customers take time to make decisions and want to get the maximum out of minimum.' Hosting companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which could help the business website to scale to high limits.
  • Customer Reviews: ‘Customer is God.' Hosting companies comply with ‘Customer is always correct.' They understand their issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. While communicating with client ‘7 C's principle is followed.
  • Resolve Customer Complaints: Dealing with customer complaints is unavoidable, and it could be challenging to address complaints and concerns thoroughly. Chatwoo makes it easy for customers to connect the technical support team. It allows responding to queries and issues quickly.
  • Understand the client's Needs or Requirement: While providing variety understand the specific need. Hosting companies must also follow the exact business website requirement and offer the plan on that basis only, not too high or low.
  • What will happen in future if the business grows? Hosting plans scale as per requirement and need.
  • Marketing: Business need marketing, knowledge about the tools for online marketing must be provided.
  • Security Issues: What if any unavoidable circumstances occur? Hosting providers must ensure the business website customer about the guards, anti-malware, anti-viruses, firewalls installed on the system. Also, Backup Policy must be clearly defined. So in the case of disasters like server failures, backup ensures the continuity of the business.

Keep client away from Technical terms – clients of Hosting companies

  • For the customer, the finished product is his need, he does not want to go deep into the details of the product formation. How the product or service is important to him, is what he want to listen?
  • Hosting companies must also avoid technical terms like a database server, script software, operating system till the customer is not from the same background. Most clients ask about email services, business domain and what kind of services they could run on it.
  • Most of the customers understand, that they are running Windows are on PC's, so Windows hosting would fulfill their needs. In such cases, sales must clarify about the higher cost involved with Windows and services and applications required by the website.
  • As Linux is cheap, running WordPress or any other CMS would be much cheaper as compared to Windows platform.
    Unless the website is in ASP, Net most of the hosting providers, don't offer Windows platform.

There are so many companies that have started providing web hosting that it becomes confusing to select the perfect host. The hosting company should provide the required tools whether you are a pro or a novice. Business hosting may at times be costly, but it is entirely worthy of your business.

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