Sitegeek Hosting as psychiatry and investment

SiteGeek Hosting“Necessity gives birth to inventions.” New ideas emerge from deeper minds, whenever the present system is not satisfactorily accepted. SiteGeek is also a by-product of such a system. It is a psychiatry and investment counsel for hosting customers. Activities of this new discipline recognised globally and the community have shown interest in this field.

Hosting companies look to capitalise and speed up their earnings. For the same, they have been advertising on traditional media, link buying, doing forum posting, directory submission. Furthermore, giving paid news to earn a good name. None of the mentioned way attempts to prioritize the public (hosting customers). They are a source of one-way communication. Public feedback ignored in them. Necessity felt by the research team of Netpro India, and Sitegeek came into existence. As the demands of hosting customers are increasing, the technological improvements required by hosting companies. The practice of deception and undesirable methods doesn’t work in gaining new customers and retaining the old ones.

SiteGeek Hosting – Safeguard

SiteGeek is a platform to protect hosting customer from malefactors to cheat or chisel as ‘best hosting providers’ or some other name. Also, it becomes evident that companies which fail to deliver, the hosting community has reacted unfavourably to them.  Those who are competent professionals and satisfy customers are successful and crowded in.

SiteGeek tries to gain public opinion and support for their activity to frame standards and criteria and enforce them. It is a tool provided to integrate hosting community, interpret the various reports generated and bring adjustments in the behaviour and attitude of customers. It is public understanding and support who decides the basics of the Sitegeek competitive system.

Communication media like newspapers, books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV do affect the public. We as part of public enmeshed through 2-way processes with the world and understand it. While making decisions, do need specialists counsel to guide or depend on others experiences, understanding, conduct, attitude, and expressions.

Our decisions are outcomes of our choices, which is impressed by things and ideas. Often ideas compete to convert or negate decisions. SiteGeek is a website, where the flow of ideas is continuous, not only positive opinions but co-existence of opposing views is also available. Companies do compete to gain the advice and support in their favor. Visitors independently share their views to meet their given situation.

Knowledge shared is essential for the development of the hosting industry. Sitegeek is an open forum for conflicting diverse opinions and views. It is a site for understanding the hosting community and how to reach them.

Communication on websites – SiteGeek Hosting

Communication is the necessity of present society. Web sites are now longer, just information providers. Nowadays visitors interact with them in many ways. An effective method required to have a control while calculating the attitude of visitors.

SiteGeek Hosting – Visitor’s Opinion

Website visitors influenced by the publicity done by companies. Latest technology changes in communication have area significantly revolutionized the public media and are able to bring inculcating attitude in visitor’s opinion.

You can get experience when you use the services of the particular company. Owners of a business, education, and technology websites have shifted in the opinion or attitude towards the hosting services they use. This is happening rapidly. People do share their views in various rating and review websites. Their experience with hosting Service Company gets rapid attention worldwide.

Hosting companies are now paying much attention towards customer’s attitude. They do care for their position in the table at various review websites. They understand the significance and dynamism of visitor’s opinion, its scope, and effect. SiteGeek welcomes all such changes, it creates competition and thus proportionate to services. Now, observed that almost every hosting company do offer 99.99% uptime and unlimited resources at cheaper prices.

Knowing and understanding visitor’s opinion is vital for any hosting company. Every company works for profits, but services must be rendered honestly in the interest of their customers.

Sitegeek Hosting – principles and functions

Sitegeek functions on the principles of public opinion. It is the reason why it is gaining importance and publicity on forum websites, social sharing websites like Linkedin, twitter, facebook, google+ and much more websites. People have started talking about SiteGeek and sharing it with others.

Sitegeek wants to become a link between hosting companies and their customers.

SiteGeek Hosting –  Ranking

Top ranking tables on Sitegeek is conflicting the interest of various hosting companies. As every company would wish to rank on top to gain maximum traffic and credibility. Table ranking produced on the basis of certain metrics like a number of websites hosted, uptime, downtime, social sentiment and lot more factors.

Sitegeek holds the promise with its visitors to be unbiased in ranking hosting companies. Hence, merit only those, whose services are on merit. The ranking done merely on the basis of calculation of services.

The calculations on SiteGeek, based on the 2-way communication process. The visitors who tell, which is best and which is worst in rendering services. It all depends on the information, knowledge, and truth provided by visitors. Ranking alters with an opinion. The well understood methods and strategies applied and done in the interest of the visitors. SiteGeek research designed to influence the customers understanding of services for betterment.

2-way communication with SiteGeek

Communicating with visitors and offering them 2-way communication is one of the primary functions of SiteGeek. In visitor’s opinion, the website tries to build a rapport or goodwill of Hosting companies in hosting community. Most noteworthy, by providing uptime, downtime, user sentiment, plan comparison, press releases, coupon codes, question and answers and reviews of them.

Most part of SiteGeek involves assessment and attitude of visitors. A website is building its goodwill among visitors and hosting companies by creating some degree of understanding. All the research conducted is in the interest of the hosting customers.

It is well said that “Customer is God”. The website identifies the policies, plans and support system procedure of companies. Evaluate them in the interest of customers and rate the companies accordingly. Company rating reciprocates with visitor’s attitude. Companies listed on top, more likely accepted. Visitors understand that masses are going to the companies listed on top. And the same reciprocates at a website with domains transferred in and domain transferred out a report.

The website has taken on its shoulders to bring true knowledge to visitors. All the companies listed goes through step by step process of evaluation and research.

This is true that website influences visitor’s opinion. All the reports published with responsibility and proper research. Public opinion viewed on site as it offers 2-way communication. From last 2 years, the sitegeek team is working to evolve a satisfactory model to review and rate hosting companies. The team fully devoted to evolve a comprehensive tool of analysis.

SiteGeek Hosting Review and Rating Tool Benefits

  • Offers a trusted tools for hosting customers, used all around the world.
  • Sustained effort to deliver the near exact report to the visitors.
  • The entire team deliberately devoted to reviewing and rating tool. With the efforts properly planned the model is shaping fine.
  • The entire activity, cause or movement gains visitors support and seen in the form of reviews available on a website.
  • Persuasive information provided meant to educate the visitors with the company performance.
  • The process if framed is going to serve both hosting customers and companies.

The trends analyzed, audited and assessed and results published in form of reports after editor approval. The sitegeek stresses the advisory role in taking decision while selecting hosting companies for their website.

SiteGeek Website working

  • Planned research conducted, audited and analyzed. As a result, reports published after editor approval.
  • Create a relationship between hosting companies and customers.
  • Visitor’s opinion is taken on priority and on the basis, companies rated.
  • Analyze policies, plans and support system procedures of hosting companies and educate the visitor’s about them.
  • Ensures company’s activity gets highlighted in customer interest.
  • Encourage visitors to participate in the 2-way communication process. Furthermore, write reviews and rate companies on the basis of true knowledge.
  • Through communication develop goodwill and rapport for the visitor’s acceptance.
  • Ensures purpose of providing trends and analysis get understood and accepted.

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