Web Hosting for Dummies is Here

 Do you remember way back when the “For Dummies” series was really just one book? The whole series began with ‘DOS for Dummies.' Now, the ‘For Dummies' series is a massive one spanning nearly every topic under the sun. Finally, there's a ‘Web Hosting for Dummies' book! If you've been reading the information on this site, you won't need a book, but I digress. Web Hosting for Dummies is Here

To be fair, the ‘Web Hosting For Dummies' book contains a ton of information about web hosting. So much information that it had to be packed into a pretty solid book. You'll find details about cheap web hosting, Linux web hosting, shared web hosting — heck, everything about web hosting in this book. Here are some more details.

Inside the ‘Web Hosting for Dummies' Book

This book was created for bloggers, web developers, small business owners, and anyone else that has an interest in web hosting. The book also lets you know if you're paying for features that come as part of a cheap web hosting play — but you may not be using those features. How can this happen? Sometimes, we sign up for services that we don't fully understand! This book will help.

The newest instalment to the ‘Dummies' series also focuses on key terms that are used within the web hosting world. Terms that you may not be familiar with if you don't already belong to a web hosting community. As the title of the book suggests, this text is all about introducing web hosting to people that aren't familiar with it.

Where to Get the Book

How much does the book cost and where can you get it? ‘Web Hosting for Dummies' was just released, but you can pick up a copy of the book through Amazon. You can also find copies in big bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Chapters (if you're in Canada). The book is packed with lots of good information about web hosting from all angles.

While we try to cover all aspects of web hosting here, the new ‘Web Hosting for Dummies' book is an excellent supplement to any information that you find on the Internet. In the meantime, check out some of our pages about shared web hosting or other hosting types. Got a suggestion? Want us to write about something else? Let me know!


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